How to Mix Patterns and Textures in Your Decor

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Have you run out of ideas for decorating your home? See how to mix patterns and textures in your decor and enjoy the inspiration!



Decorating your home is an enjoyable way to make your living space a unique haven that reflects your preferences and personality. Combining different patterns and textures can significantly impact how you decorate your house. Each room may have depth, character, and visual intrigue by combining various prints and materials. Yet, perfecting the technique of blending patterns and textures can be difficult. This article will provide tips and tricks to create a cohesive and stylish space by mixing patterns and textures in your decor.


Start with a neutral base

Starting with a neutral base is crucial when mixing patterns and textures in your decor. White, beige, and other neutral colors are the ideal backgrounds for adding various items. You can layer multiple patterns and textures on a neutral-colored sofa, rug, or even walls. For instance, you could combine patterned throw pillows with a white sofa in different blue, green, or pink. A fluffy faux fur throw or a woven basket are well-textured accents. You might use a neutral-colored rug with geometric designs. Therefore, the options are unlimited with a neutral base.


Mix textures

Incorporating different textures into your design is a great technique to give your living area depth and character. To achieve a unified aesthetic that feels warm and comfortable. Add textures like faux fur, velvet, leather, and wool to create a visually appealing environment. A leather couch, for instance, may be paired with a plush area rug and a soft, fluffy throw. Combining textures gives your decor more appeal and gives your house a cozier, more inviting vibe. This experimentation is exciting if you are moving into a new home. So, play with different textures until you find the perfect match for your home.  


The importance of decor in your living space

A well-decorated space can help set the tone for your day and influence your mood and energy levels. Décor can help you create a cohesive and harmonious living space that reflects your personal style and make your home feel more comfortable and welcoming to guests. Next, decorating can represent the beginning of something different from what you are used to. Whether you're in a situation where you're bored of your home or you're moving to a new home, remodeling is always fun and fulfilling. You can always experiment and try something new. 

For instance, if you are relocating to a brand-new home. Mixing patterns and textures in your décor can help transform an unfamiliar place into a space that feels like home. Also, a significant factor in decorating is your belongings, which need to be preserved when moving. Using sturdy, high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings during transportation and storage, as U. Santini Moving and Storage NYC advises, is very important for the whole process. Therefore, take care of your belongings correctly, and combine them to complement the décor of your new home. Mixing patterns and textures in the design of your new house may be the last thing on your mind when you relocate. However, creating a personalized and comfortable living space can make all the difference in adjusting to a new environment. 

Choose a dominant pattern when mixing textures and patterns in your decor

Another important thing is to have a strong pattern that acts as the room's focal point when combining patterns and textures. From a striking floral print on your drapes to a geometric pattern on your area rug, this pattern can take many forms. To counterbalance it, consider adding complementary patterns to your chosen dominant pattern. Moreover, choose subtler patterns like stripes or even polka dots. Just be sure you have a consistent color palette to bring everything together. Don't be afraid to be bold with your choice of pattern – it can add personality and character to any space.


Decorating different rooms in your home

There are countless combinations and ways to decorate different rooms in your house. It won't cover everything you need to know about home decor, but it might help you when decorating. Here are some examples of how you can mix patterns and textures to decorate different rooms in your new home:

  • Living room - Start with a neutral-colored sofa and add throw pillows with various prints and textures, such as soft faux fur and geometric patterns. You can add a textured area rug, a woven basket, or a wooden coffee table to give the room depth and personality.
  • Bedroom - Use a strong floral pattern for your bedding and counterbalance it with smaller designs in the same color family. If you want a cozier atmosphere, add a plush area rug and incorporate various textures with throw pillows and a knit blanket.
  • Dining room - Including solid-colored china and glassware among the patterned tablecloth and placemats is a great idea. Use linen napkins and a woven table runner to add varied textures. Add a statement piece, such as a chandelier or a colorful vase, to tie it all together and make it perfect.

 Remember to keep a cohesive color scheme

By doing this, you avoid overwhelming the room. When selecting your color scheme, a color wheel can be helpful because it can help you make decisions and ensure that everything blends nicely. Consider starting with a neutral base color and adding other hues of the same shade or tone. For instance, you may use various blue, green, or pink hues to give the room a unified appearance. This way, you can create a balanced and visually appealing environment that reflects your style. 


In conclusion 

Incorporating different patterns and textures in your décor can be fun and creative, adding personality and interest to your living space. Although it may seem overwhelming to combine patterns and textures, it's crucial to remember that there are no strict guidelines. That way, you'll bring style into your home, which will be your hands work. The secret to designing a unique and welcoming area that you'll love going home to is experimenting with various combinations and discovering what works best for you


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