How to Bring Art Deco Style Into Your Home

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Shown Above: Maxime Dining Chair, Talitha Brass Cabinet, Trocadero Dining Table

Beginning in the era of the 1920s, the style Art Deco is defined by sleek, metallic finishes.  Its inspiration drew from French art and design and featured motifs such as zigzags, sunbursts, animal prints, and geometric shapes.

One of the most popular Interior Design styles. Art Déco screams High-end craftsmanship, old-school luxury, and glamour, alongside typical motifs from the 1920’s. Paired with velvet fabrics, sparkling gold, mirror accents, geometric shapes, and bold patterns.  Art Deco is definitely one of our favourites!

We welcome you to read our guide to bringing Art Deco Style into your home!

Taking us back to the¬†1920s-and 30s, where being bold, exotic and opulent were only the beginning! Coming back with vengeance and flair, this style is resurfacing and we're loving it! ūüėć


ÔĽŅShown Above:¬†Ulu¬†Concave¬†Table, Jacques Grand Cocktail Table,¬†Maxime Floor Lamp


Key Elements in Art Deco Style
In order to properly achieve Art Deco style, there are key elements one must remember that play a big role in carrying out this design style, these include:
  • Bold Patterns, and Color's
  • Lush Fabrics such as: velvets, and shagreen
  • Expensive Materials such as: Brass, marbles, ebony
  • Stainless steel, mirror and chrome, glass, and lacquer as materials for furnishings and accessories
  • Geometric designs, trapezoids, zigzag, sunbursts, triangles and chevron patterns
  • Animal patterns and motifs


Art Deco Furniture originally was more of an expensive style due to the high end materials and fabrics that were used to achieve it!  After the 1920's mass production blew up and cheaper materials replaced the expensive ones to make the style more affordable.

However, people and designers still use the original approach of luxurious materials in order to achieve a more elegant and chic design.

When thinking about furniture used to achieve this style, consider some of the following material to include:

  • Exotic woods, and wood finishings such as: teak, mahogany, and ebony
  • Marble
  • Metals (especially polished metals)
  • Plastics, such as Bakelite and Lucite
  • Stainless steel, chrome, glass, and ivory
  • Upholstered furniture with: furs, animal hides, serpent skins¬†
  • Intricate wood inlays
  • Long, smooth, and sweeping curves
  • Waterfall Furniture
  • Marquetry

Shown Above: Parnell Desk



Being bold with colour is a key factor in this interior design style.  Deep hues ornamented with mixed metals is a key element in Art Deco Style:

  • Rich jeweled colour tones are used such as: deep blues, reds, both bright and deep yellows, greens and pinks¬†
  • Bold colours are often seen mixed with brass, chromes, nickels and other metals.
  • Lacquered furniture paired with polished woods


Shown Above: Springsteen Chair Dusty Rose, Velvet Swivel, Dorothy Pendant


Using light fixtures to add Art Deco into your home is one of the easiest and fun ways to do so.  Lighting fixtures are dramatic, elegant and have a more contemporary/futuristic look to them.

Key characteristics to look for in lighting fixtures are:

  • Geometric and symmetrical pattern, as well as angular designs
  • Modern, and streamlined
  • Long, vertical silhouettes
  • Broad use of brass, steel, chrome, bronze and other 'shiny' metals
  • Neon lights (primarily for external use)
  • Ornate large/over-scaled to create drama
  • Consisting of a futuristic look -¬†similar to that of¬†vehicles, and machinery





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