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Live and Gift Luxuriously with these luxury Fragrance lines!

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Build your very own luxury library on culture, from special editions, to inside some of the hottest travel destinations! Who doesn't want a Coffee Table Book?

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From Salt & Pepper Sets, Glamourous Coasters to Chic Décor Items for your home!

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Rustic Style

Inspired by natural, raw and unfinished elements such as wood and stone.

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Industrial Style

Incorporating an urban vibe into your home with studio and factory elements involved in the mix.

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Modern Style

This widespread style has an ora of simplicity, but not to the extent of the minimalist style.

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Mid Century Modern Style

This style is a throwback to the design styles of the mid-1900's, mainly reflecting the 1950's, 60s and 70's.

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Coastal Style

Coastal style originates from the iconic U.S. beachsides, it is inspired by the beach and the ocean.

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Boho Style

One of the most popular styles, bohemian style represents the non-chalant lifestyle.

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French Country Style

French Country style is a mix between antique French, shabby chic and Farmhouse designs.

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Minimalist Style

Simplifying Modern design with refinement, plush comfort and functionality.

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Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is in the moment, it's what's hot right now

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Hollywood Regency Style

This style combines art deco inspired furnishings and glamorous high-polished accents.

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Art Deco Style

Beginning in the era of the 1920s, the style art deco is defined by sleek, metallic finishes.

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Traditional Style

Traditional style is made up of classic details, lavish furnishings, and plenty of accessories

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Transitional Style

Transitional style is very beloved because it acquires a balance of the styles of both traditional and modern design.

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Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse style consists of warm, cozy and inviting spaces, along with furniture that has clean and simple lines.

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Futuristic Style

Futuristic design begins by thinking outside of the box, and going beyond what is regarded as normal.

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Modern Organic

Modern Organic is defined by mixing organic elements, natural textures, crisp whites and neutral colors with clean lines.

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Tropical Style

Think Tropicalcore! Bring Vacation Vibes into your home, with bold bright patterns, prints and colors. Add warm wood tones and tropical decor to bring this style to life!

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Maximalist Design

A complete opposition to the "minimalist" design trend. Maximalism defines the lavish part of luxury and screams the concept of "more-is-more".

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Japandi Style

An East meets West movement! Japandi Style embraces both Japanese and Scandinvian design styles.

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Hello Earth, we love you!🌎❤

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Escape from traditional design with Mixed Metal Pieces!✨

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Inspired by the romantic and elegant furniture designs of Italy.

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50 Shades of who?🌈


Bringing in an array of diverse globally-inspired patterns. 

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Think outside of the box, and go beyond what is regarded as normal. 👩‍🚀

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Coastal vibes

Life under the sea doesn't get any better than this 🧜‍♀️

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Modern Organic

Modern Organic is defined by mixing organic elements, natural textures, crisp whites and neutral colors with clean lines.

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Art Deco

Art deco  is defined by sleek, metallic finishes.  Its inspiration drew from French art and design and featured motifs such as zigzags, sunbursts, animal prints, and geometric shapes.

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Breathtaking Marble & stones

The raw and natural look of this stone is being seen continuously used in more and more creative waysand in an expanded range of furniture pieces.

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Gothic Interiors

"I'll Stop Wearing Black When they make a Darker Color"-Wednesday Addams

Showcasing your Moody blues is in and we are all for it! 😉

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Japandi Style

An East meets West movement! Japandi Style embraces both Japanese and Scandinvian design styles.

Blending elements of Japanese creative elements and wabi-sabi philosophy with Scandinavian warmth & comfort.

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Maximalist Design

A complete opposition to the "minimalist" design trend.  Maximalism defines the lavish part of luxury and screams the concept of "more-is-more".

From bold & playful colors, eclectic blends of textures, objects and patterns all layered together.  Maximalism is the best way to show off all your favorite items in one space!

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Scandinavian Design

Focusing on clean, simple lines, with a minimalist approach while maintaining functionality and beauty.

Scandinavian design also mixes whites, neutral colours, and natural woods, creating a warm and cozy and inviting interior!

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Modern Geometry

Geometric shapes and patterns are everywhere in interior design, and can be as smooth as an arc or as angular as triangles, squares and hexagons.

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