Modern Geometry in Interior Design

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Although geometry in design is not a new concept, there are ways to properly utilize this style within your home and this article will help show you how...

What Exactly Is A Geometric Shape?

Geometric shapes are used in interior design to create form, shape, and angles.

Geometric shapes and patterns are everywhere in interior design, and can be as smooth as an arc or as angular as triangles, squares and hexagons.

Varieties of Geometric Shapes & Pattern in Interior Settings.


You can find triangles in many variations of patterns!  Try going for one or two types of triangles when using this shape in design, as you don't want your space to come off overwhelming to the eye.  Instead, triangles can add harmony and prove to be energetic and optimistic in interiors when used properly.  

Find triangles in textiles and patterns in wallpapers, pillows, rugs, and add this shape in for added dimension to your space.

Shown Above: Vector Two-Door Cabinet


The most frequented shapes in our homes is the square and rectangle, from coffee tables, side tables, mirrors, etc. The square and rectangles are regularly seen in our day to day furnishings and already inside our homes. Using these shapes, you can create indirect geometric patterns by carefully placing square and rectangle shaped furniture and decor items around your space in a harmonious manner. 

Find furniture items with exaggerated square shapes, or squared pulls.  Use square or rectangle patterns for accent walls in your home to add more geometry to your room.


Similar to the square, circles are also widely found within furniture, decor and lighting.  Choosing textiles, pulls, accents and wallpapers with circle patterns are a great way to add shapes to your home, however, with circles it is important to add a diversity of clean straight lines to avoid an overbearing space.

Look for furniture with circular pulls, or circular patterns within.  Circle wallpaper, or circular decor, there are many ways to incorporate this shape in your space.

These are only your main three shapes you can achieve the Modern Geometric Style in your home with.

There are of course many other shapes to add to your space, from hexagons, stars, ovals, trapeze and more.  Use shapes in your home decor to bring Modern Geometry to life.

How to Style Geometric Furniture and Decor in your Home

When considering Geometric shapes and patterns, there are some Interior Design Styles that shine over others.

The main interior design styles that geometric patterns are commonly associated with are:

Shown Above: Op Art BarBrass Teardrop Table, Globo Five-Light Chandelier

You can achieve these interior design styles by incorporating many patterns and shapes, but just like with all things, don't over do it! 

To properly use geometric furniture, decor and patterns in an aesthetically pleasing way, either stick to one category of shape and repeat throughout the room, or pick three and spread them to cover geometric furniture and geometric home accessories.

Add Geometry into other Interior Design Styles...

The addition of geometric elements to country or period decor schemes is also possible. Don't forget to keep the ratio in favor of the overriding style preference, with only a few nods to geometric forms.

There are many ways to incorporate shapes into a design; however, it is helpful to have more than one example of each shape, as this will aid in the blending process. At least one should be circular - its softened edges work well in a more traditional setting.

In addition, keep in mind that colour palette and print can be used to counteract the contemporary nature of geometric shapes. An example of this would be a classic, pleated pinwheel cushion, which is a typical geometric shape but is given a completely different character by the central button, the gathered fabric, and the neutral, pastel or vibrant color.

Shown Above: Geometric Cycladic Wall Art Set of 5, White Stone

Whichever interior design style you choose to achieve, take into account the already present architectural shapes of your space or home.

From curved archways, checkered squared tile floors, herringbone and chevron patterned backsplash and hardwood patterns, rectangle or circular windows - even ceilings can have different shapes at play.  Use these already in place shapes to determine which shapes to add if lacking any, or if to add any at all.

Whatever you decide, just be sure it is in harmony with your scheme!

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