Everything You Need To Know About Modern Home Decor

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The term "mid-century modern" refers to an aesthetic widely adopted in the United States during the middle of the twentieth century. Included in the characteristics of mid-century modern interior design are simple forms, subdued color palettes, a mix of natural and synthetic materials, graphic shapes, bright colors, and the fusion of indoor and outdoor elements.

Here's how to master modern home decor.

How To Master Modern Home Decor

Mix And Match

A common theme in mid-century furniture is the combination of synthetic materials (such as vinyl, plastic, Lucite, and fiberglass) with more traditional ones (such as wood, glass, metal, and marble). Mid-century modern design often features newer items with older accent pieces.

Keep It Natural

Explore ways to incorporate elements of nature into your layout. If your home has many windows overlooking a green space, decorate with colors that bring out the natural beauty of your surroundings. The addition of plants in pots is another wonderful method to bring the outside in.

Have A Focal Point

Pick a few iconic pieces of mid-century modern furniture to serve as the focal points of your room's decor. It's all up to you, so don't be afraid to express yourself. Highlight and compliment those focal points with the rest of your design choices, such as color scheme, artwork, and window treatments.

Don’t Be Scared Of Color

The use of vibrant colors is one hallmark of mid-century modernism that sets it apart from minimalist design. Play around with where you place colorful accents like rugs, and dining chairs with tufting, paintings, and wall hangings. Sage green, Robin's egg blue, and butter yellow are some of the most common colors because they give your home an amazing retro feel. 

Choose The Right Rug

  • A sisal or jute rug in the mid-century modern movement style provides a seamless, neutral ground upon which to showcase the room's other design and architectural features. Rugs made from natural fibers are also a pleasant visual reminder of the natural world outside our windows.
  • Incorporate some rug pieces deserving of the limelight to draw attention to the lighthearted side of MCM design.
  • Incorporating a geometric Mid-Century Modern rug into your home is a great way to add depth and personality. Abstract patterns or delicate motifs provide vitality to the calm tendency of MCM design by contrasting minimalist forms and evoking a sensation of motion.

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