Easy Home Office Design Ideas for Small Apartments

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Here are some home office design ideas for small apartments to help you create a space you’ll love working in!

By: Lisa Roberts


When working from home, you want to create an inviting space that feels separate from the rest of your apartment. A lack of space doesn’t mean compromising your home office's look. There are specific home office design ideas for small apartments that will make working in the small space more enjoyable. These changes will drastically improve your home office, from creating more storage space to improving lighting. You’ll see how easy working from home can be when you have a functional, beautifully designed workspace.

Choose functional items for your home office

You want your office to look friendly and inviting without overcrowding the tiny space. Invest in furniture that is functional and smart gadgets that don’t create unnecessary clutter. A laptop stand can be an excellent way to upgrade your workspace and make it look more organized. If you find it hard to focus in a noisy environment, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Pick an ergonomic chair so that you are comfortable while working. As for desks, you can find one with an adjustable height so that you can stand when working if you want to. You can make your office look bigger and brighter by adding a mirror.

Reorganize your home office

It can be hard to stay productive and focused in a cluttered space. To stay focused longer, leave only the things necessary for work on your desk. You will minimize distractions and be able to focus solely on the task ahead of you. When you design your home office, ensure you have enough storage space for your things. You will prevent them from accumulating on your desk and the floor.

To create more room in your home office, professionals from heavenlymove.com advise you to store away office supplies you don’t use often. You will have more room to work without getting rid of important documents and things. For documents, you can invest in file cabinets on which you can write the contents of each drawer. Create a clean look through cable management and wireless computer hardware.  This way, it will also be easier to transport your things when you need or want to work at a different location.

Keep only the essentials at your desk to minimize distractions


Lighting can make or break your home office

It can be much easier to work in a bright and airy space. You won’t strain your eyes as much when you have good lighting in your home office. Before you start working, open the curtains and the blinds to let natural light in. Invest in bright, high-quality light bulbs that will make your office bright in the evening. A floor lamp next to a reading chair can make your home office look cozy and improve lighting simultaneously.

Create a layout that works for you

Before you begin redesigning your home office, it’s essential to create a layout that will be functional. You can draw a floor plan to visualize the space several ways before arranging the furniture. When creating a design, you want to create a productive area that will be easy to work in. You can make a distance from any distractions in your workspace at home. Create a layout that will enable you to walk through the space freely without having to go around furniture. Have your desk face a window instead of a wall if you can. You will feel more inspired to work when your desk isn’t facing a wall. Make sure to measure everything correctly before figuring out the floor plan.

A good layout is key for home office design ideas for small apartments.


Add stylish home office design ideas for small apartments

When you choose home office design ideas for small apartments, pick those that will match the style of your apartment. For small apartments, it’s best to pick lighter colors. Light can reflect more efficiently, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Add designs that reflect your personality and make you want to spend time in this space. You can easily do this through furniture and décor. Wall décor, such as motivational posters, is a must in any office space. It can motivate you to work while also improving the appearance of your home office. Adding a rug can create a warm and cozy feel in your home office.

Divide the space

Depending on your apartment size, you may not have an entire room for your office. If you have to use your living room or bedroom as an office, you can separate your workspace from the rest of the room. Depending on the layout of the room, you may be able to use a room divider to do this. They are a good and functional tool in any small space. You can even find shelves where you can separate your office from the rest of the room. It’s also a good way of adding more storage to your office.

If you have a walk-in closet that you don’t need, you can repurpose it as a home office. Now, your office is completely separated from the rest of the apartment. That will make drawing the line between work and free time easier. You won’t feel as if you are constantly on the job, therefore helping reduce the stress that comes with working in a small home office.

Create a space that will make it easy to stay focused and productive


Final thoughts

With this in mind, we can see plenty of accessible and affordable home office design ideas for small apartments. Even adding one of these design changes can improve the look and functionality of your home office. You will create a space you feel happy spending time and working in. Most importantly, when you make these changes to your home office, you will find it much easier to stay focused and productive.










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