How to Furnish your Home Office

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As summer months are coming to an end and the colors of fall are about to appear, it could only mean for some of us that  back to work we go!
The pandemic has brought a lot of us closer to home when it comes to working, this new found way of business calls for the perfect setting to feel like you are actually away at the office.  So why not take the time to properly furnish your home office to become that perfect getaway space that you can separate your work from your home life.

Shown Above: Hunter Desk (Ivory),Hampton Side Chair

We have many products that can create your perfect at work and at home office setting, all you need to know is how to achieve the look.
The heart of your office will be the desk, do you need a desk with storage? Is your desk going to be the showpiece of the room?  You want to position your desk so you have a view, whether it be a window, or facing an art piece, you do not want to be facing a blank wall when you look up from your computer screen.
At Maison Vogue, we have a variety of selections to suit that perfect desk style that screams YOU!  
It starts with finding the perfect location, do you have a separate space for an office at home, is there lots of lighting? Consider traffic flow when furnishing your office.  Will there be distractions where you set your desk up?  Is your office a quiet personal place?  Or, will you be having clients coming in, therefore, you will need ample space for extra seating, and an area large enough to not feel crammed in.
Shown Above: Lucier Lounge Chair 
Your office should serve you, so be sure to consider what it is you need in order to have the perfect work space.  You want your furniture to be not only beautiful but functional to your specific needs as well.  
Shown Above: Kallista Writing Desk

You don't want your home office to resemble a cold and dusty cubicle, instead go with the style of your home, is your home rustic, with wood and stone finishes? Why not go for a live-edge desk as your focal point to a rustic office.  Or better yet, maybe you are inspired by the chic and luxurious French styles, with ornate embellishments in your office, stealing the show with luxury. 

Shown Above: Verona Chanterelle Desk

Whatever you decide, consider and design your office space to the style of your home to create a unique and beautiful setting to do your work.


An important fact when designing your office space is to be sure you have plenty of light, whether natural or task.  You do not want to have headaches and strain your eyes by working hours in front of your computer with poor lighting.

Shown Above: Gideon Table Lamp

Consider where your desk is positioned, be sure your computer is positions so that you do not get a glare from a window or any ceiling lights in the space.

Place task lighting where needing, whether it be a small table lamp in the corner of your desk, a floor lamp positioned by a seating area.  You do not want to set yourself up in a dark gloomy space.

Shown Above: Raven Floor Lamp in Natural Brass

Don't forget to add accessories, such as books, art pieces and mirrors. It is still your space, make sure you really create your perfect working environment ❤

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