5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Bedroom

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The colors in a room can have a significant impact on your mood. Here are some exciting ways to add a pop of color to your bedroom!

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Choosing the right color palette for a bedroom can be challenging. Committing to a single color might be overwhelming, which is why most people end up with a completely bland, neutral bedroom. While neutral tones can help you create a calm and relaxing environment, that shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself. Instead, what you should do is add accent pieces to add a pop of color to your bedroom. Here are some fun and easy ways you can do just that!

A Statement Rug

A great way to add a pop of color to your bedroom and completely transform the space is by adding an accent rug. Adding a rug to your bedroom will make it feel warmer and cozier, and it's a great way to add some personality.

To spice up a plain area, choose one with exciting designs and vivid colors. To add some warmth, choose carpets with lots of reds and oranges.

Accent rugs can give an exciting splash of color to hardwood floors. On the other hand, big and artistic rugs can act as the room's focal point. So, if you want the carpet to be the focal point, choose a bold rug.

Bright Accessories

When your bedroom is full of neutral tones, you need accessories to add a pop of color and spice up the space. Simply by adding a beautiful bedside lamp or an interesting vase, you can change the feel of the whole room. However, don't pick too many accessories in clashing colors. If you do that, your room can look messy and cluttered, which is the opposite of what you want. Too many colors in a small space can overwhelm anyone who steps into that room. On the other hand, if you choose a color palette with colors that go well and complement each other, your bedroom can look more balanced and cohesive.

Big Bold Art

If you want to keep your furnishings and accessories monochromatic, bring in pops of color with abstract artwork and photos. Keeping the surroundings modest allows your artistic objects to take center stage, creating a gallery-like ambiance with less outside disturbance.

Don't be scared to experiment with oversized prints and mixed media creations. Prints and one-of-a-kind works of art will give some personality to the space. Moreover, large prints look wonderful over the bed.

Colorful Pillows and Throws For Your Bed

Pair any simplistic bedding with pillows to create an entirely new look. Pillows are the perfect way to take your bedroom color palette to the next level, whether you choose a couple of complementary ones or dozens in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. You can't go wrong whether you pick solid color pillows in multiple colors or opt for patterned pillows.

Besides pillows, purchasing a colorful or patterned throw is also an excellent way to add a pop of color to your bedroom. And, if your design tastes change later, it's less expensive to just replace these smaller decorations rather than purchasing an entirely new bed or changing the wall color.

Statement Furniture

There are multiple ways you can go about adding a perfect statement piece into your bedroom:


When purchasing a large object such as a bed, you want to be confident that you will love it today, in a year, and in five years. Nothing beats the bright, bold, and colorful headboard of your new king-sized bed.

However, when purchasing a new bed, you first have to consider what you want to do with an old one. Simply throwing away a king-sized bed that's still in good shape isn't the most financially solid plan. On the other hand, moving such a big object into another room or another place isn't easy. If you don't properly pack it and prepare it for the transfer, you might end up damaging your walls, doors, or even the bed itself. So, make sure you pack your old king-size bed and carry it properly.


A vibrant and colorful chair can liven up any plain space. Choose a simple metal or wooden chair and spruce it up with a new coat of paint. Colors like yellow and blue usually stand out the most, but don't be afraid to experiment.

Reupholstering a chair cushion is simpler than you might imagine. Even altering only a single cushion can make a big difference in your room. Begin with a little side chair that could use an upgrade. Remove the cushion, remove the old fabric, then reupholster it with a bright textile remnant and a staple gun. Alternatively, if you're not a fan of DIY, look for a chair that is upholstered in distinctive, eye-catching patterns or bold colors.


Suppose colorful beds and chairs aren't your things. In that case, you may simply incorporate bursts of color into your other pieces of furniture like a dresser or a nightstand. Give an old and neglected piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint, but instead of white or wood stain, use a bright and striking accent color. Even altering the handles and knobs on dressers and bedsides will help add a splash of color to your bedroom.

To Remember: Know Your Color Wheel

When considering ways to add a pop of color to your bedroom, don't forget about the color wheel. The color wheel is essential for selecting appropriate color combinations that are not from the same color family. Consider the energy and attitude you want to generate with your room, as well as its functionality. Warm colors, such as yellow and pink, have an energetic and welcome vibe to them. Cool colors, on the other hand, such as blue and green, are more subdued and work best where calming energy is desired. Remember that strong, contrasting colors will catch the eye right away. So if you're feeling particularly experimental, choose colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blues and oranges.


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