7 Ways to Display Wall Art in Your Home

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Unsure how to display wall art in your home? Read this article and learn all the exciting ways you can spice up your walls with artwork.

 Frames hanging on a wall of a living room with a brown couch.

Artwork is a crucial part of interior design. It's the icing on the cake of any beautifully designed space that makes all other items in the room come together. However, there's always a question of how you should display all your favorite works of art on your walls. Luckily for you, there are many different display options to choose from. There are numerous different lighting, placement, and sizing options, as well as custom framing to spice up your walls. You just have to figure out what works best for you and your home. That's why, in this article, we'll go over some of the best ways to display wall art in your home.

1. Create A Gallery Wall

Nothing adds more character and color to a room than a gallery wall. It's an excellent method to combine and appreciate all aspects of your personality and taste. Moreover, there's no wrong way to do it; there are so many different styles you can choose from when creating a gallery wall inside your home. You can add a collection of drawings or abstract paintings by the same artist. Alternatively, you can mix and match different styles of paintings and photographs.

However, when it comes to gallery walls, it's not just about the art pieces. It's also about the frames. You can choose all frames in the same sizes and colors or switch it up by coordinating a color scheme and combining different sizes and styles of frames.

When setting up a gallery wall, begin with a piece that's going to be the focal point. Hang this piece as you would a solo piece, with the focal point at eye level, then work your way out from there.

Combine multiple different pieces and create a unique-looking gallery wall.

Living room with an orange couch and a gallery wall.

2. Pick A Single Large Artwork

When you buy a huge original painting, these pieces can occasionally stand alone and be the focal point of the room. In a small space, a big piece of art or image will demand attention and set the tone. In a minimalist setting, a black-and-white photograph can look really sophisticated and modern. However, if you need to add a pop of color to your room, opt for a colorful abstract piece that grabs your attention. These artworks usually look best displayed over the bed or the dresser.

On the other hand, these can also look excellent when leaned against a wall. That way, you can achieve a cool, laid-back look. It's a perfect solution for those tenants who have to abide by the "no nails" rule in their apartments.

3. Display the Artwork In Pairs

Another great way to display wall art in your home is by arranging the artwork in pairs. This is a lovely approach to make a simple, harmonious gallery wall. However, you must ensure that both paintings complement one another and share some similar features. This arrangement is a terrific way to show off two of your favorite works by the same artist or two distinct artists whose work complements one another beautifully. For this type of layout, it's best if you use the same sort of frames for these two artworks.

 Find a bold painting and make it the focal point of your room.

 A large colorful painting of a woman.

4. Choose A Frame That Matches The Style Of The Room 

When choosing the right furniture for your living room, make sure you're also looking for frames that match both the artwork and your living space. Custom framing is an excellent alternative if you're ready to spend a little more money. There are hundreds of various frame types and styles to choose from. You can even use a matte to create space between the original artwork and the frame.

5. Lean Artwork On The Shelves On Your Wall

Using shelves to display wall art in your home is a trendy option at the moment. It gives a casual and relaxed feel to the room and yet looks so modern and sophisticated. A shelf full of small artwork could be the perfect addition if you're looking to furnish your home office. Just like when creating a gallery wall, you're free to play with different sizes, colors, and frames, which will always look fantastic. To create depth, you can layer one frame on top of the other.

 Another interesting way to display your wall art in your home is by leaning it on the bookshelves.
 Bookshelves with sculptures, artwork, and plants.

6. Mix It With Other Objects

For a truly unique look, you can display your artwork next to your other everyday items. For example, mix it in with all the books. Framed artwork, tiny plants, and small sculptures can do wonders to liven up a bookshelf. To keep the focus on the artwork, keep the mattes and frames uniform. Alternatively, add a unique piece to your kitchen shelf right next to your cutting boards and bowls.

Another way you can mix your artwork with other objects is by hanging it beside a mirror. For example, make the mirror the focal point and add multiple photos or paintings around it. Use different styles and colors of frames to make the mirror pop up. For a more straightforward solution, hang a mirror next to the same sized artwork in a similar frame.

7. Hang It On A Clothesline

Hanging your favorite art prints on a clothesline is a simple yet effective way to display them. This method is most often used for small prints and photographs, and it's easy to DIY. It can look really cute and cozy above your bed.

Moving Your Art

If you decide to take your art with you when you move to a new home, it's crucial to ensure it doesn't get damaged. Usually, oversized paintings and their frames are fragile and can chip easily when not transported properly. Because there's no room for mistakes, it's critical you find the right crew for the job. Professional fine art movers will make sure your favorite artwork is properly packed and secured during the move.

Final Thoughts

The location and method of displaying artwork can have a significant impact on the work itself. When choosing a way to display wall art in your home, think of the effect you want the artwork to have in that room. Think of the colors and the styles that would best complement the current design. In the end, don't be afraid to mix and match these different methods to get the best results.

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