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 2021's Newest Trend: Japandi Style is taking over.  If you love interiors filled with natural and renewable materials, but in a more minimalist approach, than this is the style for you!
Japandi style is in no way a new style, as it has been trending for decades. However, with recent interior designs trends climbing to popularity, it is no wonder that we are starting to hear more about Japandi style now.
So what is Japandi Style?
Japandi style is a joint harmony between the Natural Materials Modern trend and Minimalism, mixed in with some plush coziness.  It collaborates both Scandinavian style with Japanese style.  
Japanese style eases you in with earthy tones, warm woods and a clutter free environment.  Scandinavian style brings in clean lines and minimalism with a Mid-Century flare.  Featuring informal and welcoming settings.
The combination of these two styles came as no surprise as they both bring in similar elements.  The trend came in play by taking the minimalist approach of
Japandi style and combining it with Scandinavian styles Modern appeal.
This style is meant to evoke the same sensation you feel when going to the spa, that feeling of your plush robe against your bare skin, sitting in a warm earth tone room, with Natural stone, and woods visibly accenting the interior and exterior.
Key Elements of Japandi style will stand out through the finishing's and textures in the home.  Natural materials such as live-edge, woods, gesso and patina finishing's etc.  You will also find elements of natural materials such as Iron, jute and cane inside homes of Japandi style.  
No over cluttering or ornate lighting in this style.  Japandi style sets a calming and relaxing mood to a home with elegant and clean lines throughout.  When decorating your walls you would want to stick to abstract paintings that aren't too bold, you'll want to find pieces that maintain that calming mood.
This style is nothing new—it’s just naturally experiencing a comeback in popularity. The style has been around since the mid-century, but today’s take on Japandi has remixed new elements into the popular trend, such as cane, which is a very popular material right now, as well as more organic approaches to mid-century design.
How to Create Japandi Style in your Home?

1.  Earthy Neutral Base

 Japandi style is all about creating a sense of peace and calm in your home, with that being said, when it comes to choosing colors in this trend, it is recommended to start by choosing a neutral color palette—from furniture to wall color.  This doesn’t mean you have to go for all lighter colors. You can switch it up with darker earth tones on walls or upholstery as a way to add more visual warmth to your space.

Once you have your wall colors, you can then move onto color layering with furniture and décor. Layering in multiple shades of one color will help create depth and contrast in a neutral space. Accenting with natural wood and stones will also dramatize this effect. 

Shown Above: Hallwood Cabinet

2. Add Natural Wood Tones & Pieces

Tones from natural woods help to bring warmth into a Japandi styled space. When it comes to choosing the proper furniture, along with accents & décor, choose woods that are warm or light wood toned.  You can even decide to mix between wood tones adding contrasting depth into your space.

Shown Above: Oslo Armchair

3. Add Some Cozy Natural Textures

What better way to enhance your space than with natural materials in order to bring visual texture and depth when adding décor to your Japandi style home.

You can achieve this by adding décor pieces such as wool blankets, fur pillows, jute poufs and more.

Shown Above: Ystad Pouf

4. Aim for Lower Furniture

When furnishing your Japandi Style space, you will want to go with more lower plush furniture in order to create the illusion of a larger and airier space.  Choosing beds, sofas, chairs that sit low to the ground and have simple clean lines will create that minimalist feel. 

Shown Above: Cascade Accent Chair

5. De-Clutter Your Space

In Japandi style, there is no clutter.  Make sure to organize your belongings and get rid of any non-essential décor items to create the most minimal décor you can.  There is no room for hoarding in Japandi style.  This doesn't mean to create a bare space, but instead decorate with furnishings that add texture and dimension to your space such as teak tables and a chamcha wooden chair.

Shown Above: Clover Natural Coffee Table

6. Add in Accents of Greenery

Plants aren't only essential outdoors but also bring joy and happiness to the indoors too. Incorporating plants, whether fake or real is a must in Japandi style, as decorating with nature is what it entails.  I mean think about it, have you ever been to a spa without touches of greenery?  Then have fun in choosing the perfect plants and flowers to decorate and liven your Japandi space.

Shown Above: Christine's Fiddle Leaf Fig

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