How to Properly Furnish your Dining Room

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When it comes to furniture planning for your dining room, you will want to first look at your space, where do you position the dining table?

The star of the room of course would be your dining room table, this means that you want your dining room table to be the focal point of your room.  You also want to position it so that you can gain the most practical traffic and flow on all sides of the table.

Shown Above: Nixon Dining Table, Camille Dining Chairs, Siam Etagere

Where is the best position? 

The best location is one we all know, the dead center of the room.  This way, when someone enters the dining room, they are immediately drawn to the main focal point of the room, and that is the table and the beautiful dinnerware, scrumptious food, or maybe even a jaw dropping centerpiece.  No matter, the attention where be in the right direction.

Shown Above: Kestor Dining Table -86.75"

Make sure to choose the right size dining table for your space.  Measure your dining room area, do you have enough room for a rectangular table with chairs around?  Or maybe you need a round dining table for a smaller more intimate dining experience?  Whichever you choose, just make sure it will not only fit the space, but that you will have functional traffic space for your dining chairs to move also.


Shown Above: Seneca Dining Chair in Velvet Slate

In order to strengthen your focal point, why not add a chandelier directly in the center of your dining room, or better yet, if your dining room table is long enough, try doubling up with 2 pendants above your dining room table.  

Shown Above: Haskell Oval Chandelier

Finalize your setting with florals or decorative objects that reach upward from the center of the table.  

Shown Above: Golden Nugget

With your focal point and center complete, you now can think of which furniture and decorative items to place around your dining room. If you have a separate dining space, think of the traffic that will be flowing through, you don't want to block anyone from walking to and from the dining room table.  Maybe along one wall you want to add a sideboard with a piece of art above it?  Or a cabinet with two accent chairs on each side?  The choice is yours, however, always make sure you have enough space for each furniture item you decide on, and always consider space for traffic.

Shown Above: Arrow Credenza

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