Creative Ways Lighting Can Play a Part in Your Décor

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 This article talks about different kinds of lighting. Read on to discover some creative ways lighting can play a part in your home décor.

If you have just moved to a new house, you are probably excited to start decorating it. Just imagine – all that empty space waiting for you to give a personal feel to it. And adding cool furniture to the house and hanging some pictures on the wall aren't the only things you can do to decorate the place. Playing with lighting can make a huge difference in your home setup. Moreover, light is essential for setting the ambiance and improving your mood as well as mental and physical health. Let's go over some creative ways lighting can play a part in your décor.


Make use of natural lighting

Once you have completed your relocation, the professionals from City Movers advise you to start thinking about home décor as soon as possible. Mainly because you'll have a clear view of the rooms before you unpack.


When it comes to lighting, there are many different options to choose from or combine. It goes without saying – natural lighting is always the best option. It is also cheaper than installing artificial lights, not to mention – more sustainable. But how easy is it to achieve? If your house has a lot of big windows, you won't need to worry about this too much. The sunlight will come through the windows during the place, making it nicely lit most of the time. However, if you don't have a lot of light entering through the windows, you may want to think about making the most of what you have. Consider one of the following options:


  • Add skylights to the room
  • Choose the right colors to paint your interior in
  • Try using reflective tiles

Set up some accent lighting

If it's adequate, lighting can accentuate and help bring out your home's best features. Accent lighting helps give a more relaxed feel to the ambient. One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating is choosing the wrong light for the rooms. Your home is where most of us spend most of our time, so it is crucial to make sure it's cozy and comfortable to be in. Having the wrong light in your home may ruin the effect that you were hoping to achieve.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is often promoted as a creative way that lighting can play a part in your home décor. People often use this type of lighting to illuminate the whole room. It is usually hung from the ceiling (for example, chandeliers and pot lights) and used to set the mood in the room.


Task lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting illuminates the spaces meant for doing specific tasks. For example – preparing food, working on your computer, reading, and so on. Desk and floor lamps are some examples of lighting that fall under this category.


A question arises whether you should take your lamps with you when you move to your new home or just buy new ones. You may be attached to your old ones and would love to keep using them in your home décor. However, how smart is it to do so? The fact is that these things are often very bulky and fragile. Because of that, you might want to consider them as one of the things to leave behind when you relocate. Of course, if the new place you are moving to is relatively close to your old home, this would not be a problem. You could easily transport your beloved lamps by car. However, if it is not, you should consider leaving them behind, as they are items that you should avoid moving long distance.


Different types of lighting for different places

As mentioned above, choosing adequate light is very important because it helps set the mood. Naturally, you won't need the same type of lighting in each room of your house. For example, task lighting is perfect for the rooms where you have to perform a task. If it's a dining room, you can choose what kind of mood you wish to set when you eat. For a cheerful mood, a lot of bright light is the way to go. Although, as with everything in life, it's advisable not to overdo it. You don't want your family members and guests to feel uncomfortable because their eyes hurt from the lighting that is way too bright. If you want a more chill and relaxed mood, you may want to lean towards dimmable lights.


Think about outdoor lighting too

You shouldn't forget about the outdoor lighting either. The outdoor living space is essential to your home, so you shouldn't neglect it when adding lighting to your home décor. The most commonly used types of lights for the outdoor area include accent, ambient, and task lighting. You may choose one of these or mix them up for an even better result. While decorating this area, you can play around as much as possible – mix styles, add layers, and use different sizes. You should also be able to change the atmosphere during other times of the evening – brighten the lights, dim them, and so on. Another suggestion would be to use pendants and outdoor lanterns.


Other suggestions for home décor

Once you have decided what kind of lighting to use for your home décor, you can keep decorating your new home however you like. For example, you could add some artwork on the walls. Who doesn't like art? Besides being beautiful, it's a great way to give a personal touch to any room and make your new house feel more like home.


By the end of this article, you should have learned more about the different lighting types. Now it's up to you to decide how to decorate your place. Hopefully, we made you aware of some creative ways lighting can play a part in your décor. We wish you good luck decorating your dream home, and remember – it's important to have fun in the process!




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