Designing a Living Room—10 Common Mistakes

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Here is all you need to know about 10 common mistakes when designing a living room and what you can do to avoid them.

By: Lisa Roberts

A well-designed living room often determines how your guests perceive your home. A living room is a place for gatherings, spending time with your loved ones, and creating memories in your home, so it's not surprising that people dedicate a lot of their attention to decorating it the best they can. However, things can often go awry if you don't pay close attention to some details that can completely ruin the final effect you were aiming for. In order to avoid that, we've collected 10 common mistakes people make when designing a living room.

Wrong Layout

Commonly, living room layouts focus only on the TV and sofa. Without considering the space's other elements and purpose, the sofas are typically pushed up against the wall in front of the TV. Which is a definite "no," according to designers.

Living rooms set the stage for the entire house since they are places for gathering. Therefore, it can't just be the TV and couch.

You should take into account views from all seating components. It's lovely to be able to sit on a sofa or an armchair while addressing the rest of the room in a big, open space. It's crucial to consider the window views in a tiny space and where to position the TV in a room with a fireplace. Installing a projector might be the solution to this problem.

Not Choosing an Appropriate Sofa

Don't we all wish we had a plush, fluffy, cozy, and lovely sofa? But when it comes to buying a new sofa, most homeowners are frugal. Budget-wise, it's always a good idea to reuse the previous one, but there's a good risk it will make the room seem bad.

The owners of homes frequently have outstanding taste, but they already have a sofa they wish to keep, even after moving to a new place. In some cases, it's better to listen to the designer's advice and get rid of furniture that would just ruin the overall impression you aim to leave.

Experts at suggest that whatever the case, you need to make sure that all the furniture you can actually use in your new home is moved or stored properly. Professional movers can help you get your cherished items undamaged and safe in your new home.

Using an Inappropriate Rug Size

Rugs are a crucial component of living room décor, whether you like them or not. They improve the appearance of the room by giving it more depth.

A rug that is too huge would look overwhelming in the area and may give the impression that the room is smaller. On the other hand, a room seems out of balance and has the appearance of wasted empty space when a rug is too tiny.

 Having a rug that's too big or too small is one of 10 common mistakes when designing a living room.

So, what's the solution?

It's quite simple, really. You can measure the area you intended to cover with a rug and mark it on the floor. Try to visualize what the room would look like with a rug of that size. You can improvise and see how it fits before actually buying a rug.

Avoiding Matchmaking with the Different Elements

Although having mismatched couches and chairs is one of the most frequent design errors in living rooms, it is now in style. So go for it if you want a 70s-style armchair but also have a plush button-backed sofa! The secret ingredient is simply utilizing color and pattern to bring the outfit together. Blending modern and vintage items makes a space more unique.

Selecting the Wrong Coffee Table

Coffee tables are more important than they are typically given credit for if chosen properly. With tables of many sizes, shapes, and styles widely available on the market, it's easy to make a mistake.

It takes more than just a quick trip to your favorite home goods store to pick out a coffee table. The materials, height, length, and clearance space required to guarantee your coffee table sings in harmony with your living room should be determined by your lifestyle and practicality.

Too Low Placed Curtains

This error may be seen in certain homes throughout, not only in living rooms. To avoid making the space look smaller, avoid hanging the curtains just over the window.

A compartment can be closed off by hanging curtain rods slightly above the window. Place the rod a foot above the window frame as an alternative. This will make the space appear taller and more spacious.

The Placing of Works of Art

 Having some artwork in your living room makes it more vibrant and original. But pay attention not to overdo it.

With empty, basic walls, a living room might appear incredibly flat. You may either acquire wall coverings or just decorate the wall with your favorite artwork. Beautiful artwork is a certain way to make your living area more charming.

Cheap art may seriously damage a room's look. Choose a custom art provider where you may get reasonably priced, original art as opposed to going generic.

Being Overly Simple

If done well, minimalism may be really attractive. Limiting your possessions and avoiding clutter are key components of minimalism. Adhering to a neutral color palette is a crucial component of simple living room designs. But frequently, homeowners give the space a lifeless, bland look in the name of minimalism.

Although buying a whole set would be the simplest option, avoid doing so. Too much matching is not a good thing in a room. Furniture sets are aesthetically dull, but breaking them up with unique items shows that you spent time curating your space, elevating the style in your house.

Minimalism certainly means that you won't need to deal with the lack of space, which is a problem in most homes after some time. There are still options for you if you don't want to get rid of some items, like renting a storage room or donating to charity.

Lack of Enough Lighting

A common error is inadequately placed lighting in the space. The majority of homeowners decide to place one large lighting fixture in the center of the space. It gives the room a pool impression and fades it away. Therefore, interior design experts advise using several light sources to create a layered look and highlight various areas of the space.

Proper placing of lighting in your living room can help you create that cozy, warm atmosphere.

Updating lighting fixtures can improve the overall appearance of any area as well as create a sense of sophisticated elegance and comfort.

Inadequate Use of Shelf Space

Shelving space should be used as much as possible, but try to prevent overhang, which might make the area appear cluttered. Avoid placing chunky, heavy objects on your shelves or bookcase.

When done right, shelves can add a touch of sophistication to your living room and can be one of those furniture items your guests admire when they pay you a visit.

10 Common Mistakes When Designing a Living Room: Final Thoughts

These would be 10 common mistakes when designing a living room you should try to avoid. You can easily evade some of these mistakes if you just put in a bit of effort, and it often costs next to nothing. Of course, when in doubt, following expert advice is the safest option there is. Good luck with designing your dream living room!



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