How to Prepare Your Home for a Remodel

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If you want to renovate your home soon, you are in the right place! We have the best tips on how to prepare your home for a remodel.

By: Lisa Roberts

Home renovation is such an exciting task. You are remodeling your home to your wishes, making it the place of your dreams. Depending on your budget and desires, you can turn your house into an ultra-modern and desirable haven - a home where you will host guests with pride. But the pressure of a full home remodel can be a lot to handle for anyone, especially if you go into the project underprepared. To assist you with that, we bring you the best tips on how to prepare your home for a remodel - easy and stress-free.

Prepare your home for a remodel - A guide

Preparation is key to a successful home renovation. As soon as your contractor has provided you with a start date, you can begin the process of packing up things. However, there are some things to take care of before prepping your house for the construction crews.

Design planning

Planning the space you will be remodeling is the first step to a successful home makeover. You will need to be systematic and thorough, thinking every detail through. This includes even the type of lightning you want to have in the end, or you should at least start browsing through different options to get general idea.

 Coming up with a great design is essential when you want to prepare your home for a remodel.

Our advice is to go through each of the rooms to make an estimate of how much work they need. You will also need to define what the approximate cost would be. If this isn’t your area of expertise, advice from an architect and a contractor would be invaluable. Some architects and designers recommend starting with planning from the entrance to the house/apartment, while others advise beginning from the attic or the top floor and working your way down.

Choose a contractor

You'll need to do some research to discover the right person for the renovation task you're undertaking. The best method to find an expert is via word of mouth. Once you get recommendations, start by contacting the contractors or visiting their website. The key, of course, is communication and the expertise of the company you choose. They can make the process fast and easy and fulfill your vision of your perfect home.

Declutter your home

This is one of the main tasks when getting your home ready for a remodel. You will need to declutter and clear the area of anything that might get in the way. It entails putting away everything from within cupboards, racks, countertops. Make sure to be considerate to the staff and give them enough room to do their job.

If you are getting extensive work done, you will probably need to take most of the furniture out, including the big pieces. It's a good idea to talk to your contractor and explore the alternatives. The contractor might ask you to relocate the smaller items while their crew manipulates the furniture.

Decide where to stay during your home remodel

Property renovations encompass a wide range of activities. So, if you plan to live home throughout the remodel, you will need to select which rooms you'll occupy. If you also plan to remodel your dining area, it's vital to figure out where to prepare and eat food. For larger families, it may be necessary to create a bathroom strategy, too. To reduce stress, you should keep your living environment as tidy as possible during the renovation.

All of the hassle of finding alternatives to cook and eat will be worth it once your beautiful kitchen is done.

Another option would be to stay with friends or relatives. This might be tricky if your project stretches out, as well as if you have small children. You could also look into temporary solutions such as renting an apartment or a hotel, but that might be tough on your bank account.

Find a storage unit

Whether you choose to stay home or move out temporarily, it is best to place your large furniture items in self-storage to provide extra space during this period. Facilities with offsite temperature-controlled storage are most suited for the things you wish to protect during the project. Many such companies can also help you move the items from the existing location to the storage facility.

Be prepared for the dust and noise

If you've ever come near a construction site, you probably know what to expect. Dust will be everywhere, and noise will be constant. You will hear the sound of power tools, saws, compressors, etc. In case you typically work from home, consider choosing a different location for your working hours.

There will be some noisy machines at work, so be prepared for that.

Dust can be controlled by installing temporary zip walls or compression walls in your house. Air handlers, which remove dust from the air and vent it to the outside, are another approach to reduce dust particles. Consider turning off your furnace or blocking any return vents for warm air and cold air in the construction area to prevent dust from spreading throughout the home.

Put plastic coverings

Speaking of dust, it's crucial to cover everything in plastic. Hang plastic from the ceilings at all times while substantial work is in progress. You should tape it down the whole length of the floor and ceiling so it won't let any particles out. As we mentioned, you could also place a zipper to make a door for passing through. Depending on the traffic flow throughout your remodel, this could be extremely useful.

If you've ever painted a room, you know that preparation is by far the most critical aspect. This also applies to renovations. Make an effort to plan ahead of time; it's well worth it!

Final words of advice

Renovation work can be stressful and demanding, but keep your goal in mind. At the end of this process, you will have an upgraded space you've dreamt of. To go through this as smoothly as possible, it's crucial to prepare your home for a remodel, and we hope our guide has helped you with that. Good luck!




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