Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

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The Sofa, a place of tranquility, entertainment, and comfort.  Maybe for you, it is used as a statement piece to a formal and chic living room.  Or, maybe it's that large plush, sink in when you sit lounging couch, where you retreat to read a book or watch television.
Whatever it is you use it for, why not take the time to consider some important facts when it comes to choosing the proper sofa for your home!
1. Choose Your Focal Point & Sofa Direction:
You want to take a few things into consideration when determining the proper size sofa for your home, starting with which way you want to position your sofa in the living room...
Find your focal point:
Do you normally watch television in your living room?
Then, you would want your sofa facing the television, therefore the television will become your focal point, and you can arrange your sofa in front of it, along with complementing furniture around it.
Maybe your living room is for entertaining guests, with a fireplace as a focal point?
In this scenario you would want to create an arrangement that allows for easy conversation, maybe placing your furniture in a U-arrangement around the fireplace.  All of this of course, depends on the shape of your living room.  In some cases, you won't want to highlight the fireplace, especially if it will make for an awkward seating arrangement.  
Whatever the shape of your room, feel out your living room space and see which direction would function best with your lifestyle.
2.Don't forget to Measure!
Make sure you take measurements of your living room, and the doorway you are going to fit that sofa in through. You don't want to spend all this money on a sofa to only be disappointed in finding out it is too big for your space.  Nor, do you want too small of a sofa.  Make your measurements, so you can find the perfect size for you!
Make sure you take into account the height of the sofa, the length (measuring across the length of the sofa) and the depth (the measurements from the front to the back of the sofa to the front).  Get out your measuring tape and find out the maximum size sofa that you would best fit your space before you make any purchases.
3. Choose The Right Upholstery For You
If you have a house with children or pets, chances are you probably want to stay away from hard to clean, expensive fabrics such as silk.
Some of your hero materials to go for in order to withstand the mighty traffic from your children or pets are:
Non-treated natural leathers would be an exception to this rule, for they would be sensitive to your pets scratching, so avoid any natural leathers.
Otherwise, leather is probably one of your best choices, for you can easily vacuum away hairs, and it wipes away clean with a damp cloth.  It is also a very strong material that won't get caught in your pets claws.
Try faux-leather for a less expensive alternative!
Microfiber Materials: 
These are materials with a tight weave, and the tighter the weave the better.
Materials such as denim, canvas, vinyl, and man-made fabrics will be easy to vacuum and spot-clean from the day to day action your sofa receives.
However, if you are going for a more luxurious styled living room, and pets and children are not an concern for the area, then materials such as silk, velvet and suede could make for a gorgeous statement piece!
4.Choose The Style That Is In Harmony With Your Space
What style is your home?  You will want to find a style sofa that will be in harmony with your home.
-If you have a chic, sleek style, then you will want to choose a sofa with clean lines and dramatic design and materials.
-If your home has pops of bold colours, than finding a sofa that has the perfect complementary colour will really express your eclectic taste.
-Maybe your home is more traditional style, therefore, a durable and comfortable fabric and classic styled frame will do you best!
Whatever the style of your home, make sure you complement it with the proper style of sofa!

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