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Reading is a great way to unwind. To make the most out of it, use these tips on creating a cozy reading nook in your home library.

  By: Lisa Roberts

Many people consider reading just a good way to exercise your brain. But it’s more than that. Reading can offer you an escape from all the stress and troubles you face every day. Therefore, you should make time for it. Moreover, if you want to make the most out of it, you should create the perfect setting as well. And according to the latest interior design trends, a reading nook is your best option. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, as long as it’s cozy and inviting. So, take a look at these tips on creating a cozy reading nook in your home library.


No. 1 The best tip for creating a cozy reading nook is to pick the right place for it

If you have a large home with a dedicated space for a home library, it’s easy. You can turn the entire room or just a corner into a cozy reading nook or build one into custom bookshelves. However, if you don’t have a lot of space, you should pick the most isolated and quiet place in your home. Otherwise, you’ll get constantly distracted. Check out options for bookshelves here on Maison Vogue,


No. 2 Clear out the space

Before creating a cozy reading nook, you need to clear out the space. On the one hand, this will enable you to redesign it from scratch. On the other hand, clutter will make it impossible for you to concentrate on your book. Thus, you should remove any pieces of furniture or home accessories from that dedicated space. If you can’t find a different place for them inside your home, the consultants from Professional Movers Ottawa advise you to rent storage.


No. 3 Choose the right colors

Colors have a big impact on our mood. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the color palette for your reading nook. After all, you want to create a cozy place where you can unwind. Thus, you should opt for neutral colors that have a calming effect. You can repaint the walls or create a neutral-colored décor if your home library walls are covered in bookshelves.


No. 4 Light up your reading nook

Light is crucial for creating a cozy reading nook. Firstly, you should make use of natural light because it’s better for your eyes. So, ideally, you should set up your nook near a window or use a window bay or alcove for it.

Of course, the layout of your home might make this impossible, in which case you should focus on artificial lights. Plus, even with a window, you’ll still need artificial lights at night. Now, to create the perfect reading ambiance, you should opt for a warm yellow light. Moreover, you should invest in an adjustable lamp that enables you to direct the light where you need it.


No. 5 Find comfortable seating

No matter how much effort you put into designing a beautiful reading nook, if it’s uncomfortable, you won’t use it. As a result, finding comfortable seating is key. Now, this depends strictly on your preferences.

Some people enjoy reading while lying down, in which case a sofa or a chaise lounge would be the best option. However, others prefer reading in a seated position. In this case, an armchair or a wingback chair would be best. Or, if possible, you can install a built-in bench in your window bay or alcove.

If you prefer lying down while reading, look for a comfortable sofa.

No. 6 Make it cozy

Apart from finding comfortable seating, you can make your reading nook cozier using textiles. Invest in soft throw pillows and a blanket for ultimate comfort. You can even add a soft area rug that will not only look great but will also provide comfort for your feet. If you have a built-in bench, make sure you add extensive padding to make it comfortable.

When creating a cozy reading nook, use pillows and a blanket to make it more comfortable.


No. 7 Bring in a bit of nature

You should never hesitate to add more plants to your home décor. And you should bring a bit of nature into your reading nook as well. Houseplants look great, but they also improve air quality, sharpen your attention, and help you relax. If you’ve set up your nook in a corner, you can add a small tree next to the seating. Otherwise, you can hang smaller planters or position them on bookshelves. 


No. 8 Add useful pieces of furniture or storage space

When designing your reading nook, you should also think practically. More precisely, you should add some useful pieces of furniture or storage space. For instance, you’ll probably need a small table for a lamp, your book, and a cup of tea.

Add a small table for your book and a cup of tea.


At the same time, a small cabinet might come in handy for storing extra pillows or a blanket when you’re not reading. You can also place a record player or a small speaker on the cabinet if you enjoy listening to music while reading.


No. 9 Seek help from professionals

If you don’t have an artistic side or know nothing about interior design, it might be better to let professionals handle it. Hire an interior designer with the knowledge and experience to create the perfect reading nook. Of course, you should be involved in the process as well. Because only you know what cozy means for you.

At the same time, you might want to consider hiring moving services in Ottawa because these professionals can help with any moving task. For instance, they can provide storage solutions when you’re clearing up the space for your reading nook. And they can also safely pack and transport your furnishings or home accessories to the storage facility.


Final thoughts

No matter how busy you are, you should always make time to read. Apart from improving your brain function, this can also improve your overall health by relieving stress. At the same time, by creating a cozy reading nook in your home library, you’ll be able to unwind fully without getting distracted or interrupted. Use these tips to create the perfect reading environment, and make sure you choose good books as well.



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