5 Unique Ways to Add More Plants to Your Home Décor

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Are you looking to add more plants to your home décor? Here are some unique ways to do that and make your home a stylish green heaven.

Bonding with nature has always been one of the inexplicable needs, which, when satisfied, brings a feeling of peace. That is the exact reason why you should try to add more plants to your home décor. As there are always two ways to do anything – a stylish way and the randomized chaotic way, here is some advice on how to do it with style. In the following text, you will find five unique ways to increase the amount of greenery in your home.


1 Larger stand-alone plants to fill empty corners

Have you noticed that the corner of your living room seems a bit empty? A large, stand-alone plant can fix that for you. It will bring additional color to your living room design, making the whole sight a bit more lively. That is especially true of monochromatic home décor. According to the Japandi style, for example, a single plant will do a lot to add to the stylishness of the space without being overwhelming. Luckily, pots come in all shapes and sizes as well as in all colors and textures, so you can incorporate that element into the existing design and make sure it complements it the best way possible. As for the choice of the actual plant, here are a few options that would work well in any home:


  • Rubber Tree. If you are running on a tight budget, this is the plant for you. Large plants tend to be expensive, but this one grows fast and doesn't cost that much when it is smaller. Overall, it does the job and is suitable for beginner indoor gardeners.
  • Croton. This is another excellent plant for non-experts in gardening as it practically tells you whether its needs have been met. Green, intricately veined leaves mean the plant receives the proper amount of indirect light. Otherwise, the leaves will be either scorched or sulking, with subdued colors. Either way, you will know if you are not caring for it properly.
  • Olive Tree. How about an actual tree that does more than look nice? If you treat it well, the olive tree will produce olives for you.


Croton is a great large house plant you can get to add more plants to your home décor.

2 Plant Collections

A small plant collection would be just as effective as the large accent pieces of greenery. It typically consists of similar-sized plants arranged in an assortment of pots that, in turn, match in one way or another. For example, you can choose various plants, but the pots may only be grey. Harmonize the pot design with the rest of the room and get a decorative piece that contributes enormously to the room décor. The experts on relocation from peasleyboisemovers.com add that smaller plants are much easier to relocate and take up less space in the vehicle, reducing the number of round trips you need to make to move your stuff from one home to another. If you tend to move a lot, consider getting a collection of small plants rather than one or two big ones. 


3 Install plant shelves to display your greenery properly

Sometimes there are reasons why you don't want your plants on the floor. For example, dog owners feel more comfortable putting plants out of their fluffy buddy's reach as most of them are toxic for these four-legged beings. People with toddlers also prefer to put the plants out of their child's reach because they worry about the plant's safety. Plant shelves are a solution for these cases. Placing your plants on the shelves, out of reach of the mentioned hard-to-keep-away categories, will still get your indoor space in touch with nature. Not to mention that adding plants to your home décor like this will aesthetically improve any shelf you have.

Plants can be displayed on a shelf installed solely for them.

4 Carts are not only for drinks

Drink carts are a nice touch in the living room and a handy storage solution if you don't have another liquor cabinet. But these can just as easily be used as mobile greenery shelves. Just place your pots on one of them and arrange it wherever you like. It will be a fascinating detail in a room. If you intend to relocate at any point, this arrangement will serve you great as all your pots will be grouped in one corner, so you can quickly prepare them for transfer. So, it's both an aesthetically pleasing solution as well as a practical one.


5 One of the unique ways to add more plants to your home décor is to introduce plant terrariums

To add more greenery to your home, you don't have to only stick to traditional methods. Try thinking out of the box. One way would be to introduce plant terrariums. Essentially, that is a glass enclosure of any kind (a vase, jar, bowl) with a plant in it. You can put in one of these the regular soil and plant. But you can also be creative about it and add some decorative elements too. Just don't forget to allow the air to come in. Unless you are using fake plants, which is another variation of this idea.


Closed or semi-closed plant terrariums can sit on your living room table or be hanging from somewhere. They seem hard to maintain, but the only thing different about these pots than the regular untransparent, ceramic ones is that they might need more wiping. Plant terrariums are unique and will add an outworld character to your home.


In the world of indoor greenery, it doesn’t get more unique than plant terrariums.

Final thoughts

There were some reasons to add more plants to your home décor. Connecting with nature is vital for the well-being of every person. And these five unique ways to do that will make your home not just unique but also stylish. All you need to do is use your imagination to create an interesting plant arrangement and, ultimately, care properly about your house plants. Your air quality and the overall impression your home makes on people will be better.





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