The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating Your Home for Christmas

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These Do's and Don'ts of decorating your home for Christmas will help you make this year's winter holidays the most stylish and elegant ever.

Oh, it's that time of the year again! We dig out all those beautiful ornaments and other decorations and glitz up our homes. Words are inadequate to describe the warm feeling the Christmas holiday brings. Although when it comes to decorations, all that matters is that it brings joy to our hearts. With a bit of effort, your home can look elegant and stylish instead of shiny and messy. With that in mind, here are the Do's and Don'ts of decorating your home for Christmas that will convert it into enchanted haven interior designers would approve of.


DON'T restrict the decoration to a single room

Think of your home as a group of rooms that are all part of the whole and must be in harmony with each other. When decorating, you are trying to bring the Christmas spirit into your daily life. But your everyday life takes place in all the rooms, and for the full experience, your entire home should be enveloped in decorations.

DO choose a color scheme and stick to it when you are decorating your home for Christmas

Opt for a combination of colors for all your decorations for a super-stylish effect. There's no need to go with the monochromatic design, although that choice always produces an elegant result. You can choose three or four colors instead. You can approach this task the same way you approach getting dressed. In principle, the same rules apply – the colors that work together when it comes to clothes work well together when it comes to decorating as well. If you have a different opinion, feel free to experiment but stick to a smaller number of colors to be on the safe side.


But DON'T use only generic Christmas colors

The red, green, and gold colors denote Christmas. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean they are the only choice one can make to make the home more Christmassy. Let the creative part of you take over and try new combinations that will give you the same holiday feeling with a more modern take on tradition.


DO be careful not to damage your interior when putting up the decorations

Embellishing your home for the festivities can get a person a bit carried away. With only setting up the perfect scene on your mind, you might forget to be careful with your home interior. Be gentle, though. You don't want these holidays to cost you more than you planned. Similarly, once Christmas is over, don't just discard the decorative items carelessly as if you will never use them again. When you pack Christmas decorations after the holidays, make sure you protect those fragile pieces so you can use them next year. Simply speaking, when prepping your home for the holidays, whatever you do, do it gently.


DO pay attention to how you handle natural trees

Although there's nothing wrong with using a fake tree, there's something special in getting the real tree and decorating it. But here's what you should be aware of. Firstly, the weight makes it harder to maneuver into and around the house. Secondly, you will need to provide them with some care. Otherwise, the tree will dry out too fast. If you look after it properly, your tree will remain shiny and keep its needles longer. And after the holidays, you might even replant it in your garden and let it grow. A piece of advice – after you bring your real Christmas tree inside the house, don't put ornaments on it just yet. Give it 24 hours so its branches get comfortable and stretch out after being pressed together. 


DON'T leave candles unattended

Candles are an incredible detail that adds that pinch of magic to any décor. During the Christmas holidays, candles have a deeper meaning, so it is only natural to want to incorporate them into your decoration design. But what you should always bear in mind is that fire cannot be trusted. Never leave candles unattended because that kind of reckless behavior can be life-threatening. Always pay close attention to candles and their surroundings to ensure your relaxing Christmas doesn't turn into a horror story.


When decorating your home for Christmas, make sure you never leave candles unattended, as that could lead to a fire.

DO stock up your bar with holiday spirits

The shining lights and sparkly ornaments are great but have you tried adding some of the alcoholic beverages that are sweet and relaxing, just like Christmas should be? You could offer your guests some of the tasty cocktails that are popular during this season. Here are a few suggestions that will make you the host of the decade:

  • Hot teddy. A sweet and sour combination that includes whisky, honey, lemon, cloves, and cinnamon.
  • Mulled wine. A classic that is always a good choice. It involves heating the wine, seasoning it with various herbs, and adding sugar for a sweet and spicy finish.
  • Eggnog cocktail. A Christmas and New Year's Eve must-have that mixes different liquors with caramel sauce.

Speaking of liquors, here's a little reminder. Be very careful handling the bottles when you get them home after shopping. According to the experienced relocation company Evolution Moving Company DFW, when you drop a bottle while moving it improperly, the smell remains for a long time, and so do the stains from some of the wines and spirits. Bear that in mind, as you don't want your blue and silver decorations to be topped by a red stain on the wall.


You can add to the Christmas feel even more by serving your guests some cocktails and drinks.

DON'T let the decorations turn your home into an obstacle course

Beauty knows no compromises. When something is gorgeous yet tiring, it is considered worth the bother. But with these decorations, it's different. They are put up as a tribute to the most celebrated holiday in the world when whole families get together, and all seems relaxing and comfortable. It would be a shame to ruin such beautiful moments by making every trip to the toilet an obstacle course. Besides, people with kids need to adapt their homes to be less risky and more kid-friendly. This doesn't mean you need to take all the fun from it. Decorating your home for Christmas can be fun and safe for kids and adults if you don’t go overboard with ornaments.


Don't get too carried away when decorating so it becomes an obstacle course that is unsafe for kids.

Final thoughts

To summarize, whatever ornaments you choose for your holiday decorations will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach. But if you act with these do's and don'ts of decorating your home for Christmas in mind, you will not only have a cute festive interior but exquisite and stylish décor that will impress everyone.




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