Decorate with Fake Plants? ABSOLUTELY! (...and here's How to!)

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Love the idea of the nature's indoor, however, no time or pleasure in properly maintaining them? We get it! So here is a guide on How to Decorate with Fake Plants!

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The nice thing about faux plants is that, not only is there NO maintenance (minus the quick dust, if needed), but they last forever, and you can change things up at any time, in any season! 

1.  Purchase Quality Faux Florals and Plants!

When it comes to purchasing faux florals, and plants, you're going to want to invest a bit more, as higher quality materials come at a cost, but they reward you with faux florals and plants that fool the eye into thinking they are the real thing.  Some will even feel close to the real deal, and even though you know they are fake, it will cease to amaze you how much they still fool your eye every time you walk into the room.

Faux florals last a lifetime, it is a staple décor piece for years to come, so why not fool everyone into thinking you are a professional "green thumb".  

With Modern Organic, and Nature inspired furnishings in trend, bringing the outdoors indoors is a timeless staple.  Therefore, take a moment and select quality florals that will add the perfect touch of colour or greenery into your space.

2. Add Fake Plant Stems and Flowers to Variations of Vases

This is where your inner decorator comes to play, have fun when creating flower arrangements with flower and plant stems.  Again, the better the quality, the more realistic and timeless of an outcome.

Re-pot or use Vases for your Faux Plants.  If you are using fake plant and flower stems, then choose between a variety of sizes of vases.  Change your flower stem arrangements for the holidays, adding a spice of new color into your space.  Have empty vases displaying around your house?  Add a few faux stems to bring some greenery into your space.

If you are to re-pot your faux plants, one trick is to choose your planter or vase, add your arrangement inside, and then top it off with real dirt.  

Many faux flowers and plants, especially when splurging a bit more, will come in beautiful pots and vases, some with an illusion of water, others with moss to create realism.  These added details are what adds to the illusion of a real plant.

3. Add Pops of Colour with Fake Flowers

With Bold Colours and Patterns amongst one of the trending styles of 2022, why not add bold colour pops with flowers!?

Add a touch of colour in every room, whether it is a touch of greenery from a Faux Fig Tree, or a bold red pop from a luscious faux flower arrangement.  Colour adds life into any space!

Even when dealing with a minimalist, neutral space, if your not into flowers, then add a Manzanita Tree instead, adding modern organic elements to enhance your space instead!

4. Mix Fake Plants with Real Plants

If you do still love the scent of fresh flowers and don't mind caring for real plants, then why not mix with faux?!

Having both will actually fool your eye even more into believing the faux plants are not real, as when purchasing a quality arrangement, the difference should be tough.  

Mix your faux and real arrangements together for the ultimate centerpieces.  Whether you have a real bouquet you want to show off, add subtle faux plants around it to create the ultimate centerpiece for your home ❤

Don't forget to have fun with it! I hope these tips gave you some ideas and inspiration!

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