Guide To Kid-Friendly Interior Design

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Are you struggling with creating kid-friendly interior design? If you're worried about losing your aesthetic, read our guide.

Once the kids come into your life, everything changes. There are a lot of compromises to be made. Sometimes, it can feel like you compromise too much on the things you love. Maintaining your authentic design aesthetic in the home interior can be particularly challenging. It may seem impossible to incorporate high-end art into a family's daily routine. But, with a bit of help from us, you will manage to create a kid-friendly interior design without losing your personal touch. 

Safety first

The number one thing you want from your home is for it to be safe for your kids. Here are some suggestions on adjusting your living space based on children's needs.

Avoid edges

The most important rule in every parent rulebook is that edges mean danger. To avoid putting your little one in a potentially dangerous situation, you need to turn to more round furniture designs.


Choosing a round dining table will help you worry less about your youngsters hurting themselves when you want to have a casual dinner. Round tables allow you to play with futuristic designs or choose an entirely different and more traditional course for your interior. 


Comfortable and covered chairs should be added in addition to the chosen table, and you might even want to consider pairing a modern and chic ottoman with it.


Make it curvy - your sofas and chairs should all be preferably curvy and round, so your child doesn't struggle when climbing on them.

A soft floor to land on

When choosing a kid-friendly carpet for your home, it needs to be soft and thick. Softness and thickness make your carpet shock-absorbent which is crucial for making your kids' falls painless and less dangerous.  


Materials to consider when looking for an injury-preventing carpet are:


  • wool
  • viscose
  • cotton


The second thing to think about is the color of the rug. Given that your kids will probably spill everything that comes into their hands, it might be wise to choose darker colors for your carpet, such as navy blueBold colorways and modern style can also be smart to infuse into your interior design, giving your little ones the freedom to upgrade it with their abstract art.

Chose the right fabric for your kid-friendly interior design

Even when your artistic idea aligns perfectly with safety measures, don't forget to be smart and opt for long-lasting fabrics. Why is that important? Choosing a soft and delicate material can only give you a headache once your kid decides to put it to the test. So, instead of the elegant red velvet cover that you originally wanted for your couch, you might want to consider leather, canvas, denim, or synthetic microfiber options.


Another important part of every interior design is - curtains. One day, messy little hands you love very much will inevitably grab and leave a mark on them. The only thing you can do about it is choose a fabric that can be thrown in a washing machine.


Slipcovers are also good to take into consideration. They can be valuable for extending the life of your couches and chairs.

Store functionally

Functional storage should be a top priority when designing a home's interior with children in mind. A well-organized living space can help alleviate the stress of long workdays and hectic schedules.


Toys and other belongings can be hidden in plain sight thanks to various storage options. Professional moving and storage companies suggest taking advantage of your leftover moving boxes. You can use the boxes you have in different creative ways. To hide clutter and add visual interest, you can place coordinating baskets on the shelves of your room.


Storage in visible areas can be helpful, but other systems can be put in place to maximize the rest of your home. Small bookcases, under-bed trundle storage, and door-mounted shoe racks are just a few of the creative ways to keep your home tidy when you have kids.

Be creative 

Once you've successfully dealt with logistics, it's time to let your inner artist do the magic. Give yourself the freedom to declare a specific corner of your home a ''kids-free'' space. Set some boundaries and let yourself enjoy your favorite decor pieces


Setting a boundary for children may not be easy, and that's why we came up with an effective strategy for you. Before letting your artsy spirit loose, you need to set up an area that is the most kids-friendly part of your home. This will keep them occupied so they will less likely disturb your peace when you seek it in the ''kids-free'' space.

Let kids be kids

To make sure your children love their area enough to be interested in staying in it more than in breaking your favorite mirror, include them in the decorating process. It's a good idea to add some greens to their room, to teach them the responsibility of caring for another living being.


Let them decide which table lamp will keep them safe from the dark. Give them the right to pick the pouf they want, and they will award you with some additional peace in your corner. Listen to their wishes. That will keep them stimulated enough so that vase you love can survive.

Don't hold back

In your own corner, feel free to embrace everything. Embrace that antique collector in you. Embrace the sophisticated taste for fine auction treasures.


Use that empty wall space your little Picasso can't reach and install a breathtaking artwork of your choice. Don't be afraid to play with decor.


Who knows, maybe optimizing your home for your little ones will not be so intimidating after all. Perhaps you'll reconnect with your inner child while creating kid-friendly interior design. But the most important thing we would like to conclude our guide with is - enjoy every moment of it.

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