How to Add Organic Elements to Your Home Décor

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There are many ways you can add organic elements to your home décor to breathe new life into it.

Here are some of our favorite ways:

By: Lisa Roberts

We've all been there: bored of our home and in need of a change. This is especially the case now when we seem to be spending significantly more time indoors. Furthermore, you may feel as if the weight of the world is bearing down on you, so you need to de-stress. If any of this resonates with you, we recommend bringing nature into your house. Since nature gives us a sense of calm, you can add organic elements to your home decor and replicate this feeling. We will show you that this doesn't have to be complicated, won't break your bank, and you'll be glad you did it.

Create a bright environment in your home

In creating a truly organic design, natural light is quite important. At the same time, it is an underappreciated natural component that can transform your home significantly. It is also the most cost-effective way to brighten and liven up your home. Begin by allowing natural light to enter by removing any drapes, curtains, or blinds that are obstructing it. On the other hand, you might not be blessed with many natural light sources. In this case, take full advantage of candles and invest in items made from organic materials (or mimicking organic materials) that can showcase these candles beautifully. Of course, if you prefer artificial lighting, you may choose from a variety of table lamps with this aesthetic.

Add furniture inspired by nature

Nature-themed furniture is another fantastic way to add organic elements to your home decor. There is no shortage of unique pieces of furniture that either use natural materials or imitate what can be found in nature. So go furniture shopping and grab an accent table that looks like a log or a sideboard mimicking a weeping willow pattern on the front. Do not worry; you don't have to revamp your whole home with brand new furniture. Even a few pieces like the ones mentioned will genuinely make your home feel a lot more organic.

Look into antique and vintage items that will spice up your home

While out furniture shopping, do not neglect the antique and vintage items. These types of furniture are great since they add a lot of character and charm to any room. This is primarily since vintage and antique items are handmade and unique. However, people are generally hesitant to purchase such items in fear they will look worn-down and old. Properly made and kept antique and vintage furniture will only make your home look better, not worse.

It is easy to go overboard with this step since there are so many breathtaking items you can choose from. But if you decide to get advice from the professionals, understand that when it comes to house decorating - less is more. So do not go overboard with any décor, no matter how beautiful. Take your time, handpick pieces that you believe truly fit your style, and make your home look more organic.

Choose wooden elements to add organic elements to your home décor

Whether you are buying new furniture or simple decor pieces, make sure they look organic. Wood is frequently the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to organic materials. And since wooden items are both warm and inviting, as well as long-lasting, why not give them a chance? You may hang a wooden pendant light to make your dining room seem more inviting. Alternatively, place a simple wooden bowl filled with your favorite fruits on top of the table. And if you want to go the extra mile, you may get hardwood floors or even walls. The choices are endless.

Prioritize earthy materials

Keep in mind that the goal of an organic design is to bring nature indoors, so try out different earthy materials found in nature. Stone, clay, and terracotta are some of the most frequently found materials that people have in their homes. This is why their prices can fit wallets of all sizes. Decorate your coffee table with a one-of-a-kind obelisk sculpture made from natural stone, or place an oval-shaped mirror finished in silver pewter. On the other hand, to keep it simple, you may go to any local pottery shop and browse for one (or more) items you can't wait to bring home.

Introduce other organic materials

Other materials that you can use when you want to add organic elements to your home are brick and natural fibers. For a unique texture that will surely stand out, you may opt for a woven pouf. If you want to add a rustic type of feel, a brick wall will do the trick. And if you wish to make your floors not so bland, add a hand-tufted woolen and colorful rug that will surely catch someone's eye. But keep in mind that even if some items aren't created entirely of natural materials, they can nevertheless give your home an organic look.

Incorporate plant life into your home décor

The same may be said for plant life, just as it can be said for natural light. There is no better way to truly bring nature inside than actually doing so. Whenever possible, get a few flowers and plants, place them in a nice vase or flower pot and watch them grow. Moreover, this will also make your home flourish. If you do not have the time to take care of real flowers and plants, you can opt for artificial ones that deceive the eye and look entirely natural. You may even forget they do not need watering.

Find wall art that showcases nature

While busy finding décor to fill your home, do not forget about your walls. If they are blank or bland, you should remedy this by acquiring some wall art. Although this may not seem like the first thing you would do to add organic elements to your home décor, it is an important step. There are so many wonderful pieces of wall art that depict what nature is and what it means to all of us. Take your time exploring various shops, and we are sure you will find something that speaks to you.


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