An inside look at Modern Organic Style

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What is Modern Organic Style?
Looking for that cozy yet classy design?  Then Modern Organic is the style for you and your home!
Inspired by design styles such as Boho, Minimalism and Mid-Century Modern, Modern Organic is defined by mixing organic elements, natural textures, crisp whites and neutral colors with clean lines.
How to establish Modern Organic Style in Your Home..
1. Start with a minimalist approach
When styling your home Modern Organic, the saying "less is more", is definitely one to keep in mind while planning.  Therefore, cluttering your rooms is out of the question.  You want to start by choosing key elements that will suit well.  Tuck away any clutter that is in your home, as Modern Organic is about subtle and carefully selected pieces spread apart in your home
2.  Choose a Neutral and Natural Color Palette
Whites and off-whites are the perfect base for Modern Organic design, and from there adding Natural Elements and accents will bring the style to life.  Whether you are adding wood beams, or stone accents, make sure your neutral palette is well balanced to achieve that perfect organic space.
Adding touches of color is definitely allowed in Modern Organic, the best way in adding colors to your space is starting with your neutral palette, or white walls and choose a more bold hue within that tone.  
3. Select simple minimalist pieces with organic contours
Shown Above: Romina Dining Chair
When selecting furniture for your Modern Organic Interior, consider a mixture of rustic and Mid-Century Modern Style. 
Taking out the bold colours and patterns of Mid-Century Modern, and instead consider the organic framed furniture within that style, such as curved sofas, rounded tables and clean lines.
4. Choose Decorative Items made from Natural Materials

Materials to consider when choosing the perfect pieces for your Modern Organic home are: Wood, jute, limestone, rattan, bamboo..

Add an earthy appeal by selecting items made from natural materials such as: stone, wood, or concrete, clay, etc. allowing for an acceptance of natures perfectly imperfect flaws!


5. Add a touch of Greenery to your Space

The key feature to any organic-inspired design is of course greenery. From large maples and mossy ferns to small succulents, greenery welcomes a rawness into your design that you just can’t achieve with anything else.

Shown Above: White Ginkgo

Don't want the responsibility to care for real plants? We carry a lot of high-quality faux foliage to choose from in order to achieve that same organic feel!


6. Add multiple textures

The textural sequences are never-ending, however, when choosing, try to integrate soft, touchable textures and natural fibers alongside the rougher or bolder pieces within your space. 

Shown Above: Calva Rug

Rugs, pillows, throws, upholstery, vases, even lamps, and planters – there are countless accessories made from natural materials you can choose from to add depth and interest..

From jute rugs to solid wood coffee tables and marbled stone countertops, the choices are endless.

 7. Add Natural Lighting or select lighting fixtures with organic forms made from Natural Materials

The more natural light you have, the more fresh and organic the space will feel. Regardless of the amount of light your space has, the options for lighting can open you up to the opportunity to feature special touches of nature in places you might never have considered.

Shown Above: Bimini Chandelier

If you already have a lot of natural texture and material featured throughout your space, draw inspiration from the modern and minimalist style and go for white and/or gold metal finishes and clean lines and curves when selecting lamps and fixtures.


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