DIY Mirror Decor: Easy and Affordable Ways to Customize Your Mirrors

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If you are looking for easy and affordable DIY mirror decor ideas, this article can be helpful and inspire you!

Home decor has always been more than just an aesthetic or a trend. It’s a way to express ourselves and our tastes. It’s also a way to make a house feel like a home, give it warmth, and make it inviting. And lately, it seems that decorating your home yourself has become increasingly popular and that fewer people rely on professional decorators. There are a few reasons for that. First, as we already said, it makes your house feel more authentic and specific to you. The second reason is affordability. Not everybody has an unlimited budget for home decor and hiring professional decorators. That leads us to the world of DIY home decorating. We can share many tips and ideas, but we will focus on a specific one in this article. And that is DIY mirror decor. That can be useful because a good mirror can make a room pop.

Here are a few DIY mirror decor ideas and tips

We will share a list of creative ideas for custom mirror decoration, but first, we will give you some tips on handling something as delicate as mirrors properly. First, make sure that the surface where you are working on decorating your mirror is nice and clean. An untidy working station can lead to things getting spilled and falling over, and you don’t want to risk that with something as fragile as mirrors. Our next tip is about packing glass items for a move. If you decide to move one day, you must get your mirrors ready and prepare the necessary packing supplies like cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, and soft foil bubble wrap. That will ensure your mirrors won’t break in transport. Now its time for our list:

  • Paint it
  • Make it sparkle
  • Use paper flowers
  • Use seashells

For this DIY mirror decor, you will need some paint, brushes, and a lot of creativity.


Colors, colors, colors!

We will start with the most simple and affordable way to customize your mirrors, and that is painting. It’s affordable because you don’t need many supplies. You will need to buy some paint and some brushes, and that’s it. In addition to that, you will just need creativity and some painting skills. That’s where it could get a little tricky, but it’s not unsolvable. You have a friend or a family member skilled with a paintbrush. That is best done on mirrors with wooden frames, as that’s where the color will stick best. Depending on your painting skills, you can customize your mirror by coloring its frame and adding some personal touches. A good tip is that the best colors are green, gray, and white when painting on wood.

You can find cheap beads and gemstones in many stores.


Make it sparkle

Here is another example of DIY mirror decor that is both easy and affordable. Using beads and gemstones to make it sparkle.  First, you must go to the store and get some supplies. Luckily many stores sell cheap sparkly beads and fake gemstones that are often used for making cheap jewelry. But they can also effectively be used for decorating a mirror. You will also need some glue, a ruler, a pen and some paper. The good thing about beads and fake gemstones is that you can get them in any color you like without limitations. After you get all that, sketch how you want to decorate your mirror. You will be more precise when gluing beads and gemstones if you have a sketch to follow. The most important thing here is to be organized and clean so you don’t spill glue over the frame.

Flowers make everything

Using flowers to decorate is a trend that has always been popular, but especially in the last few years as people increasingly want to have a “natural” vibe in their homes. And there is a way to combine this trend with DIY mirror decor. Once again, you will need some supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colorful paper

This technique is not as simple as gluing beads or painting wood, but still pretty easy. You will just need to be willing to put some effort in. Thanks to the internet, you can find dozens of tutorials on making paper flowers at home in just a few clicks. You can make any type of lower, any shape in any color you want. Just take those supplies and spend one afternoon making enough flowers (depending on the size of your mirror). Once you glue them to the frame, you will have a gorgeous flowery mirror.

Glue some seashells to your mirror for a beachy vibe.

A “beachy” mirror

Who doesn’t like the coastal aesthetic in their home? It makes any room look fresher and gives it a chill vibe. A mirror decorated in that style can be an excellent detail, and lucky for you, it is easy to make. If you live near the ocean, you don’t have to go to the stores for this one. Just go and get some seashells from the beach. Just make sure you get enough. You don’t want holes in your mirror decor because you didn’t get enough. Besides that, you will just need some glue and a lot of creativity. When you come home, wash the seashells so there is no sand or dirt on them. That way, they will look nice and clean. And then all that’s left to do is glue them on the mirror frame in the way you like.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are many easy and affordable ways to customize your mirrors. DIY mirror decor is rich, with something for everyone’s taste. Most of the supplies you will need you probably already have at home. At the heart of it, the thing you need most is creativity and willingness to put some effort in. In the end, you will have a gorgeous custom mirror that will elevate the look of your home.




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