How to Choose the Perfect Mirror for Your Space!

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, how do you choose the perfect mirror for your wall?

Shown Above Left to Right: Bartolo Mirror, Rings MirrorHavant Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent addition to every home, they not only add beauty and appeal but they also are tricks for playing illusions to the eye!  A mirror can actually make a space appear larger. Choose the proper mirror for your space and you can really make a statement.

The first thing you want to do before choosing your mirror is to choose the proper wall that you would like your mirror to enhance.  The mirror will only be able to reflect what is in front of it, therefore you do not want it facing any portion of your space that may not be as appealing to the eye.

There are three main things you want to consider when choosing your perfect mirror. Size, Shape, and Style!

Add drama to your space with the gorgeous Edged Talon Mirror.

How to Choose the Right Sized Mirror:

Choosing the correct size mirror is super important as it will truly define your space.  When trying to find the right sized mirror for your wall think of shapes as well.

If you want to create width in the room, you will want a long rectangular shaped mirror, guiding your eye from side to side in a linear direction. To create height, turn your long rectangular mirror vertically.  Dragging your vision  up and downward instead.

Rounded and curved mirrors will create a softer mood and bring energy and elegance to any room.

Be Playful with Jonathan Adler's Petal Mirror.

You can even create clusters of smaller mirrors, forming any geometric design you would like to accomplish, and continuing to play tricks on your eyes by reflecting multiple surfaces.

Create an exquisite focal point with the Pebble Mirror Set


Whether you are using your mirrors to bring harmony to similar styled room, or creating your own drastic accent wall with your mirrors.  Finding the proper style frame is your next big step when choosing the right mirror for your room!

  • If creating a space suitable for a more cozy and modern home, then finding a mirror whose frame has clean lines or astonishing materials would be your best fit!

Our Hanging Circular Mirror in Natural Brass would do just the trick!

  • Looking to use your mirror in a more traditional or global inspired home?  Mirrors with ornate frames, gilt frames with gold/silver or silver/gold leaf and or beautifully carved would be your go to!

The Selhurst Mirror has a beautiful Ornate Frame

  • Eccentric and Rustic Frames would work best in eccentric, cottage, country or farmhouse inspired homes.  

Check out the Pierre Rattan Mirror for your Natural materialled frames.


Which style mirror would best suit your space?

No matter your choice you are still the fairest of them all to us ❤


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