How to Design your Home Coastal Style

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"Life under the sea is better than anything up there"- words spoken from the wise Sebastian

Coastal style has become a popular trend in the home, but what does coastal style look like?

What do you see when you close your eyes and think of being by the ocean?
You hear the sound of the waves, you feel the warmth of the sun, you feel the sand through your toes.

Now what do you see when you look around?

Soft neutral colors of the sand, hints of greens and blues from the ocean, sky, and palm trees. Already your starting to visualize what your color palette can look like when styling your home Coastal style.  You want to use prompts from the surrounding environment you would see when you are at the beach.  

When finding the perfect color palette for coastal style you want to start by choosing crisp whites to create a light and airy atmosphere.  You can most certainly accent with other colors, however, the key is to use soft and lighter shades of beige, khaki, light greens, blues and grays.

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Do not mistake coastal style for nautical, or tropical design, those are two different styles.

When designing your home Coastal style, you want to bring the beach home.  Feel the warmth of the sun by making sure you have lots of windows and plenty of natural light.  This style is bright yet soft at the same time, awakening the beach in your home.  You want it to feel as though the outdoors are indoors.

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Furniture and Decor

Include many natural elements in your home when going coastal style.  Look for furniture that's made out of weathered woods, wicker and rattan. However, linen and cotton covered furniture accent nicely with this style.

The textures and fabrics you see in a coastal home won't be flashy and chic. Instead you will find, light breezy fabrics, natural materials and little to no window treatments to maintain the brightness of the space.

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Coastal furniture is meant to feel casual, cozy and simple.

You can decorate your home with accents of coral, shells and baskets, however, one thing to remember about this style is that it is not meant to feel cluttered.  Therefore, when decorating, choose a few key items to evoke the beach. You want to decorate without "this way to the beach" signs and more so decorate using elements from the beach such as, blue glass lamps, striped wallpapers and subtle hints of shells.

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Bring the beach home with you this winter, by styling your space Coastal Style!

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