Maison Vogue proudly presents Jaipur Living!

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At Maison Vogue, we are firm believers of equality, and human rights❤

As a female entrepreneur, I take pride in finding brands who treat their employees equally and with great pride.

Above: Scandinavia Pouf, Elixir Rug, Ivory Serin Throw, Hendrix pillow, and Lyla Pillow

Jaipur Living is an excellent role model and stole our hearts with their heartwarming story of how it became and the incredibly talented individual women who continue the ancient art of hand crafting rugs.

Above: Sandhurst Rug available at Maison Vogue.

Jaipur living prides themselves on dignity, equality and fair trade.  Not one of their employees is underpaid or mistreated. 

Jaipur eliminates the middleman by employing a network of 40,000 artisans in more than 700 villages in India, ensuring quality and consistency. They associate with their artisan partners through a common thread of love and compassion.

Above: Peykan Pillow available at Maison Vogue

These artisans are provided a livable and reliable wage, along with opportunities for personal growth and development. Industrialization has impacted the ancient art of rug weaving. 

Above: Scandinavia Pouf available at Maison Vogue

As a leader in quality, value and gorgeous design, Jaipur Living is a great choice when finding a rug for your home.

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