Maison Vogue Presents to you Agraria~

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 The journey began as interior designers Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson quickly realized that one of the main essentials to every Interior Design project is the fragrance of the perfect candle.

Based in San Francisco, they were positive that  "No great home is ever completely decorated until it has its most important accessory – home fragrance."-Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson.

Shown Above: Mediterranean Jasmine Diffuser, and 7oz Candle

With that came the beginning of their journey to creating potpourris one box at a time.  And their very first fragranced candle. Stevenson And Gibson chose the name Agraria for their fragrance line as Agraria means "beautiful flowers growing in the fields."

Developed to "mix and mingle marvelously", their eight fragrances smell as beautiful as they look. From their elegant packaging and custom-designed fragrance patterns.

Shown Above: Golden Cassis Diffuser

It is no wonder that they have established the reputation as the ultimate choice for those who wish to live and gift luxuriously. 

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