Introducing Canadian Artist Zabel

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Zabel is a Canadian artist born in Champlain, Quebec. Inspired by her love and passion for life.  Zabel's artworks are vibrant and full of texture and romance, creating scenes you want to be a part of.  Zabel is an artistic magician, capturing moments by expressing with her emotion into her art.

Check out Zabel's Tiffany Bistro

Zabel's technique is done by only using spatulas, every piece she creates boasts with energy and emotion that you can not only feel but also touch through the textures the spatula produces.  Her art is featured with bold colour palettes creating different atmospheres in each piece.  She is never not inspired by life, her style is that of glamour, using metals such as gold and silver and adding bright neon colours to create a gorgeous energy.

Shown Above: Zabel's Outside the Box

For years, Zabel's work has become beloved by Quebecers, earning her several awards for her work.  Now, Zabel's work is not only catching the attention of Canada, but all over the world from New York, to Japan, and all over Europe!

This is only the beginning for this talented female.  Zabel is definitely an artist to pay attention to!

Shown Above: Zabel's Cave a Champagne

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  • I am interested in purchasing zabel fashion Art framed. Do you have this piece on stock.

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