Introducing Artist Mark McDowell

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Mark McDowell is an artist and designer who is driven by classic design, captivated by all nature and is persuaded by the details, as all beauty lies within the details of his work.

Shown Above: Mark McDowell's A Night at the Met

 Mark’s Japanese heritage influences his design in taking a mindful approach to his aesthetic, transcending convention and the ordinary.

Mark was formally trained at KCAI and the Columbus School of Art & Design, however, he is primarily self-taught and tells stories of how he started his sculpting “career” at the age of three, sculpting wild animals such as bears out of mud. Remembering as a child sitting in a field at his farm and painting the local landscapes, never mindlessly ‘drawing, there was intent in everything he did.

Shown Above: Mark McDowell's Fountainebleau

This award-winning designer is surprisingly modest for his level of talent. He is not one to look back on his breathtaking accomplishments in a self-congratulatory way; his focus is always about eighteen months into the future, onto the next collection. He has created some of the most beautiful pieces for John Richard, from furniture, lighting and of course Art.

Shown Above: Mark McDowell's Blue Current

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