A Guide to Mid-Century Modern Style

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Shown Above: Happy Pendant Large, Happy Table Lamp, Kasen Lounge Chair, and Tadley Two-Door Cabinet

Talk about timeless design, well you have hit a target style that will continue to be a popular choice, welcome to Mid-Century Modern Design.

A retro blast from the past including furnishings with simple straight silhouettes, natural or organic shapes (remember the egg-shaped chair?), simple fabrics, leathered upholstery, contemporary designs and of course is all about comfort and functionality.

Shown Above: Lindley Lounge Chair, and Byward Armchair

It is a style that works with any interior and can help you to update your traditional home with ease.

From elegance, to bold colors, find out why this trend will remain tres chic!

This style did not claim its fame until the mid-80s, taking on key notes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s styles.  

Mid-Century Modern Style evoked bright colors, retro design and oversized plush comfort!

To style Mid-Century Modern here are some key elements to keep in mind:

  • Bare the Natural Elements in your space by leaving them uncensored and exposed, from stone accents to leaving your exposed wood elements natural and untouched.
  • Bold colors, prints and patterned upholstery are definitely a must in this style.

Shown Above: Willits Six-Door Cabinet

 Mid-Century Modern Furniture is no fuss and traditional, this style represents clean lines, simple yet practical furniture with awe-inspiring silhouettes.  Materials such as acrylic and plastic will play a large role in what is used in furniture pieces in this trend.  From Plastic Egg Shelled chair, to rich walnut chests. 

Shown Above: Bond Six-Drawer Dresser

Colors with bright hues to bring out the optimism of the 50’s while natural untouched woods, and colors of greens, oranges, and earthy tones take from the eras of the 60s and 70s.

Bring out your retro spirit without being too eclectic with Mid-Century Modern!

Shown Above: Mid-Century Sixteen Light Chandelier.


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