A Guide to Futuristic Design

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Shown Above: Ultra Ottoman, Burled Silver Bowl, Crazy Cut Club Chair.

Futuristic design begins by thinking outside of the box, and going beyond what is regarded as normal. The Futurism movement, this style of interior design is eccentric and almost independent in its own style. 

Futuristic style started its debut at the beginning of the 20th Century in Italy.  Not only did it have an impact in the art society, but also in social elements too.  It was created to embrace the technology era and create imaginative ideas that the future may bring.

Ultra Lounge Chair and Alphaville Pedestal Stainless Steel, shown above.

When styling with futuristic design, the key elements to look for are heavy notes of chrome or stainless steel, aggressively long lines that propose motions.

Styling your home with asymmetry is a main focus when designing for the future. Cutaway furniture, curvy horizontal lines may often be seen in flooring, making an animated illusion to the ground.

When finding furniture for Futuristic Style, Materials such as metal, plastic, leather and glass are often integrated. Sometimes you will find round windows and doors, also curved furnishings will be found in futurism.

Shown Above: Crazy Cut Dining Table, Seat Belt Dining Chair Black/Black

As for choosing colours, for this style, you will want to select tones such as:grey, white, and black. Shiny/glossy silver is also quite important in futuristic interiors. Other light shades such as red, light green, and yellow are passable for accent colours in this style.

There are no boundaries in futurism, this is true for everything from furnishings to interior design.

Shown Above: Radica Trizole Console Table

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