A Guide to Art Deco Style

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Welcome to the Roaring 20s, the time of the Prohibition Era, a time for the Doll faces and Ol' Sports to glam up and shine.  

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Art Deco captures the popular styles of the 1920s and 1930s.  Although far from minimalist style, Art Deco wasn't only popular in interior designs, the style took over fashion, and cars too.

When it comes to adding Art Deco style to your home, it is all in the specific details. These details include:

  • Geometric Patterns such as: zigzags, sunbursts, chevron, animal and insect motifs, triangular patterns, stepped forms and more.

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Materials to seek out when styling your home Art Deco, one of the main trends today, "mixed metals" would definitely come into play;

  • Accents of Gold is immensely used in Art Deco Style, whether in furniture, lighting, or accessories.
  • Upholstered fabrics like velvets, or patterned fabrics with animal prints and leathers.
  • Furniture finished in high gloss lacquers, mixed metals and mirror accents.

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Furniture of this period is large and oversizes with rich fabrics, either solid colours, or with geometric/animal patterns.

Who doesn't want to feel like the Great Gatsby and shine with style!

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