How To Choose Lighting For Your Dining Room

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  The Dining Room, a place of warmth, laughter, conversation and of course the best part eating food!
 There is no worse way to eat and converse than in a dark room with no lighting. 
  Choosing which lights will work best in your dining room space comes with some planning. 
Things to put into consideration are:
Your furniture proportions in your dining room (will your light choices be in harmony with your furniture)
Some examples of this are:
1. If you have a round dining room table, you will want to choose a round or hexagonal shaped chandelier or pendant.
2. If your table is rectangular or square on the other hand you may look for a linear pendant, an oval or rectangle chandelier or even two hanging pendants parallel above your table.


  • Consider the separate functions of lighting you will need in your dining room
  • A statement piece of art needs a picture light to show off its precise details. 
  •   Let's say you have a buffet table in your dining room, you will want to shine light on it.  Whether you light it up with buffet lamps, wall sconces or even Modern ceiling wall washers.

      You will want to highlight your areas where people will be fulfilling different tasks. (eating dinner, playing an instrument, etc)

    This is referred to as task lighting

    Another form of lighting to consider is your ambient lightingwhich includes your overall lighting so that you and others can see where you are going.

    What is the mood you want to set in your dining room? 

    The lights you choose can determine the mood of your dining room...

    If you wanted to project a cheerful😃and positive mood in your room, than adding a lot of light to brighten the space would be the way to go!

    If you're leaning towards a more warm, intimate, and romantic setting🌹, then you would want a darker room, or dimmable lighting in your space.

    The lighting fixtures you decide on also play a role in setting the mood of your dining room...

    With a wide variety of styles out there, you can choose from contemporary to mid-century modern fixtures. You can find glamorous fixtures with crystals and ornate features.  Lest we forget, simple minimalist fixtures as well.

    Whatever the style you want to choose, you have to assure it is fitting to the mood of your furniture and decor. 

    What Height To Hang Your Light Fixture Above Your Dining Room Table?

     You want to allow at least 30" between the bottom of your ceiling fixture and the top of your table in order for the best results

    A fixture should be 30 cm or 12″ smaller than the table in all directions, this will stop your fixture from being too big or too small for your dining room table.

      As for the width of the chandelier or pendant, fixtures work well when they are 1/2 to 3/4 of the width of the table they are hanging above.

    Add Drama To Your Dining Room By Mixing Lights

    You don't want a room full of matching lights, that's what is referred to as the cookie-cutter look.  

    You want to avoid boring mono toned lighting in your room, use different fixtures throughout the room. (Chandelier over table, wall sconces on the walls, pot lights in ceiling, floor lamps for added light etc.)

    Provide variety in the direction your lights are shining

    Ie. Table lamps and floor lamps would stand at medium height, your hanging fixtures would be the highest light in the room, floor cans would provide you with very low lighting.

    Best of all have fun and choose lights that you love❤

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