How To Use Natural & Renewable Trends In Your Home

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When we stop to think about what it is we find Natural and Renewable in our world, we look no further than what is outside in Nature.🌲 Out there we can find a vast amount of materials ranging from solid and exotic woods, to natural stones such as granite and marble.
When designing your space around Natural and sustainable elements, you want to begin with the largest design element in a room which is the walls and floors.  Hardwood flooring over synthetic flooring would initially be your primary choice in creating a sustainable space.  Some of the best examples of materials to use in flooring and wall coverings are bamboo and cork board.
What's more natural than the sun shining into your space.  In the daytime you want to bring in as much natural lighting as possible to brighten and enhance the textures and features in your space.  Using window treatments that can easily be opened to bring in natural lighting in the daytime, or by adding skylights to your ceiling help to shine the sun's rays into your space.
When furnishing your space, the use of natural elements has become one of the largest trends in the home. Furniture such as tables and chairs are being designed from exotic wood to reclaimed woods.  
Table tops are showing off gorgeous slabs of live-edge wood, or sleek slabs of solid marble.  The use of artisan and reclaimed woods in furniture also creates a uniqueness to your home, as no two pieces will be alike. These furnishings work beautifully with rustic, farmhouse, and industrial styled homes.
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