How to Style with Curves

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The days of the rectangle sofa are ever so changing...
Curves are making their statement and we couldn't be more excited!
Inspired by the romantic and elegant furniture designs of Italy, we are loving the romantic flow of curved back sofas and armchairs.
As Mason Cooley said "Magic lives in curves, not angles."

Has the Curve Trend Caught Your Eye? Read on to find out Interior Design Tips on How to Style with Curves...

There is an evident elegance and femineity when it comes to curved furniture, which is no wonder curved furniture is one of the Hottest Trends in Interior Design!

In today's contemporary design, you will find curves popping up in all kinds of spaces.  Curves promote a pleasant and cozy environment when it comes to interiors.  From curves in architecture, round mirrors decorating your wall, to curved sofas announcing their boldness in a living room.  Curved Sofas in a living space creates an airy yet edgy mood.

Inspired by Mid-Century Modernism this trend adds softness and tranquility to any living space.  


How To Use Curves In Your Living Room

Shown Above: Ripple Slipper Chair, Venice Twilight, Parker Curved Sofa, Brussels Powder Blue, Scalinatella Cocktail Table, Flow Leather Trefoil Table, Bone

When it comes to your living room, comfort is one of the first things to pop into mind.  Find comfort in bringing in the soothing organic shapes of curved furniture.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate curvature into your space, from curved accent chairs, circular coffee tables and curved modular.

If you already have curved walls you can line up your curved sofa along the wall.  Otherwise, curved sofas and modular's work best when they are placed at the center or more central in the room, allowing for its full form to be on display.

Try adding a round coffee table to accent your curved sofa, and accent with other curved pieces such as: armchairs to complete the look.   

If you have a larger living room space, try placing two adjacent curves sofas facing each other surrounding a round coffee table.


How to Use Curves in Your Bedroom

Wanting to add the relaxed form of curves into your bedroom? Here's how..

Modern Organic Style and Japandi Style have become a popular trend in Interior Design and Architecture.  2022 Starting to show a rise in trends such neutral palettes, mixed with calming white and ivory linens, natural materials such as rattan furnishings and light fixtures, alongside lavish velvets and boucle's.

Shown Above: Ripple King Bed, Venice Peacock, Rider Dining Chair, Rialto Gold, Brass Ripple Pendant, Talitha Bedside Table

Add rounded end tables or nightstands, a curved headboard, or décor pieces that share the curved organic form.

How to Use Curve in Your Kitchen

Curves are also trending in kitchens.  We are seeing curves in kitchen islands, cabinetry and kitchen faucets 

Softening things up alongside your cabinetry, you may want add curved or barrel back counter or barstools depending on the height of your island or peninsula.  Add décor pieces such as vases with fluid shapes.  

If you have pendant lighting above your island, select light fixtures with curvature, even for above your dining table or kitchen nook.

Embrace the softness and fluidity of curvature in your home today!


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