How to Have Fun with Bold Colors and Patterns in Your Home

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There are many ways you can have fun with bold colors and patterns in your home. In order to create a balanced look, follow these tips.

As the cold months are approaching, more and more of us are preparing to spend a lot of time indoors. We may already look forward to getting cozy under a blanket and letting the cold months pass. However, since you will be spending a lot of your time here, why not change your home's appearance? The best way to do so is to have fun with bold colors and patterns in your home. By doing so, you will be able to give your home a completely different appearance and feel. Furthermore, such a change may not even be costly or difficult to achieve! We, therefore, hope you follow our recommendations for creating a balanced yet fun look that you may bask in throughout these colder months.

Create a primary color scheme

First and foremost, you must create a plan. After all, a plan will help you create a look that you will not regret. Therefore, look around the rooms you wish to alter and select which primary color scheme will work best for you and the space. For instance, you might just want to add a few green accents to your otherwise neutral bedroom or design a completely new blue and yellow living room. Whatever the case may be, look at a color wheel and pick out a few complimentary colors. Experiment with different variations of colors, tones, and hues before making a color scheme you can't wait to implement into your space.

Mix and match as much as you are comfortable

Mixing and matching different interior design details is a sure way of creating a bold space while also having fun. There are different things you can mix and match. To add some interest to your room, you can combine a neutral-colored accent chair with the same one in a different color. Additionally, various patterns and textures can be combined effectively to produce a certain aesthetic. For instance, a room will appear cozier if you mix some woolen textures with rustic patterns. However, this doesn't end here! To add even more interest, you can mix and match furniture and accessories of various sizes. Just keep in mind to have fun and express your creativity.

Choose staple pieces wisely

When starting off with bold colors and patterns, it is important not to go overboard. This is why we suggest choosing staple pieces wisely. Pay special attention to patterns since it can be easy to overload your space with them.

First, you might experiment with painting one wall in your house a striking hue to see how you like it. Or, you may purchase a unique colored bookshelf that you feel will fit the space. When doing so, make sure to use storage units to store all of your old furniture. This way, you may still give yourself some leeway in case you decide that piece of furniture is not for you. And when it comes to wooden furniture, it is best to keep it safe from moisture. By doing this, whether you decide to use them, sell them or give them away, they will stay in tip-top shape and ready for their next home.

Dial it down with neutrals

It is easy to go overboard when you have fun with bold colors and patterns. However, don't worry! If this ever occurs, you may dial it down by adding neutral colors. This is a sure way of saving your space from being a disorganized mess of different colors and patterns. White can be used as an accent; however, it is one of the best ways to prevent bold colors and patterns from overpowering the space. Depending on your preference, you can add white by changing up different pieces of furniture or even just adding a few decorations. On the other hand, beige and cream work wonderfully to counterbalance their bolder counterparts.

Some ideas on how you can have fun with bold colors and patterns

Now that we have settled on some ground rules, it is time for you to get motivated by these different design ideas.

Make the front door area pop

As you may already be aware, the first impression is often the most crucial. So, why not dress up your front door area with bold colors and patterns? We suggest opting for a colorful door that will garner attention or a bold doormat with an interesting pattern. Even simply adding a bold vase can go a long way. Once done, anyone who visits your home will immediately be greeted with a wonderfully decorated front door area. And such an impression will surely leave a mark! And, if you ever do decide to move, professionals from Number 1 Movers Canada advise you to find experts who will be able to transport all of your precious décor (even the most fragile ones), so your next property may also stun potential visitors.

Dress up your walls

A simple way to incorporate bold colors and patterns is by dressing up your walls. The easiest way to do so is by painting an accent wall. Such a project will make a massive difference in how your home looks. If you don't want to stop there, you may add colorful picture frames around current wall décor pieces. Or, you may even choose statement wall art pieces such as red coral-like wall art. Custom backsplashes and tiles are sure to add a unique element when it comes to rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Opt for a bold rug

Choosing a rug that will bring interest into your space without clashing with nearby décor elements can be difficult. However, it is very much possible! As previously mentioned, look at your primary color scheme and find out which colors would complement your room. Furthermore, decide if a colorful rug is needed or if you may need to opt for a more neutral one to balance out the room. On the other hand, sometimes adding a bold carpet is the right idea. In such rooms, such a rug will be able to tie together all the other bold décor pieces.

Add unique décor statement pieces

Keep your eyes peeled when browsing through different home décor shops. You never know when you'll stumble upon that key décor element your new space needs. Bold décor statements are a great way to have fun with bold colors and patterns. Furthermore, they are perfect for those that like to express their personality through different nick-nacks. Make sure, however, not to overdo it and only pick those that will add and not remove from the overall appearance of your home.









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