Dos and Don’ts of Maximalist Home Décor

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Maximalist home décor comes with many dos and don'ts you should follow if you want to step up your home's overall appearance.

Maximalism is a design aesthetic that is intended to take you by surprise. Instead of presenting a strict design structure of its own, it serves as a contrast to other styles, which makes it quite appealing to some. Such a style is a polar opposite of a rule-following minimalistic design style. However, even such a style comes with its dos and don'ts. So, if you truly want to make your visitors' jaws drop while still having a functional and appealing home, read our vital tips for choosing maximalist home décor.


Do experiment as much as possible

This kind of interior design is all about letting your personality and preferences shine in your own space. This is why we advise you to experiment as much as possible. Browse through various stores, garage sales, and online listings and find items that speak to you. You can opt for unique atom-like lights or antiqued mirrors if you wish. With a maximalist home décor style - the sky (and your creativity) is the limit!

Experiment with the maximalist décor you acquire to create your dream home.

Don't neglect to make a budget

Creating a budget should be one of the top priorities, no matter which type of design style you may prefer. However, a budget is even more important for a maximalist one since you can easily go overboard and spend more funds than you've intended. Luckily, maximalist décor comes in various price ranges that can fit any wallet. Consider the look you are going for and what you will be willing to spend before browsing the different available options. Having said that, be aware that quality has a cost if you decide to splurge on exceptional items made of high-quality materials, like a golden art piece.

Do opt for bold colors and patterns

Colors, and lots of them, are the main thing you should strive towards when creating your space. We suggest starting with a simple color combination that you enjoy and that works for you and building on top of it. After all, starting with just a pop of color can quickly escalate into a kaleidoscope of colors, which is what you want! For example, bold colors such as dark navy walls and bright yellow couches can be perfect for anyone wishing to create an awe-striking room. When looking for all sorts of decor, do not neglect the importance and variety of patterns since they can truly upgrade your home.

Don't neglect textures

When you are out choosing the perfect décor for your maximalist home, make sure to keep an eye on the different textures you can find. Marble floors, woolen carpets, cotton sofas, metal statues, glass vases, and more are all available for you to choose from! Mixing and matching many different textures allows you to create a space that is unique, breathes creativity, and shows your style. Furthermore, different textures can create different atmospheres inside your home, such as fur carpets making a room feel cozier.

Your home will look much more interesting and eye-catching if you combine bold colors, patterns, and textures.

Do choose vertical placements

Once you get a great collection of knickknacks to show in your maximalist home, you may need to find a space for them. You do not want them collecting dust without getting their time in the spotlight! This is where vertical space can be quite beneficial! Even more so if you lack the space. Different shelves, beautiful bookcases, and more can be a great addition and will give you lots of room to display all of the decors that are dear to your heart.

Don't worry about over-accessorizing

If you are one of those people that simply adore decorating, cluttering, and collecting different trinkets, then maximalist home décor is right for you. Lucky for you (and other people like you), there is no such thing as over-accessorizing in the maximalism design style! You are free and encouraged to display all of your beautiful belongings. However, it is essential to note the difference between a cluttered and a well-styled maximalist home. Items you do bring into your home should add value to it and should create a space you will enjoy. Simply, you want to avoid items piling up and declutter your home if that ever occurs.

Do blend different styles

Maintaining a single home design style can be pretty challenging, especially if you have several preferences. Fortunately, maximalism allows for a wonderful blend of different styles. You may never have to pick between different styles since you can combine the various elements you like in both.

Don't aim toward perfectionism

When picking out maximalist home décor, do not aim toward perfectionism. This is a surefire technique to limit your creativity and self-expression. Let yourself pick and choose which items you want to add and create a space where you will enjoy your life. After all, maximalism can be whatever you wish it to be, and there are no strict rules. So, let your heart choose the items you want to add to your home and see your space blossom.

Express yourself freely without limiting your creativity.

Do add unique vintage items

Vintage items can fit almost any sort of design style. However, they look stunning in maximalist rooms. They can add a different layer to the aesthetic of your home and can even enhance its uniqueness. There are plenty of places where you may find authentic vintage items. However, they may come with a steep price. In such a case, you may just opt for items with a vintage allure that will give you a look you want to achieve without burning a hole in your wallet.

Don't overlook comfortability and functionality

The last thing you should remember when picking out maximalist home décor is that comfortability and functionality are just as important as style. There is no use in creating a home that looks aesthetically pleasing if you cannot even sit comfortably and enjoy it. When browsing for items, be sure to choose a stylish but comfortable sofa and a beautiful but functional vase.




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