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Tarro Fig Tree

John Richard

A natural-touch fiddle-leaf fig in a grey-white tarro planter is topped with natural preserved mood moss.

84"H X 48"W X 32"D

Artist: Fran Bearden

Clean Instructions: Dust with a feather duster or blow dryer on cool low. Many craft stores sell an aerosol spray for cleaning Silk Florals.

Disclaimer: PRESERVED PALMS AND STEMS, Any natural preserved branches, fronds and flowers should always be kept in controlled temperature areas. Naturally preserved stems, palms etc. use glycerin as a preserving agent and they may leech glycerin and/or color, if exposed to high temperatures or high humidity. Keep out of direct sunlight.

*This is a made to order item. Estimated 10-12 week production lead time.
This is a final sale item and non-returnable.

  • Pre-orders are encouraged as many items are very popular and others have reserved the next incoming production. Products may have only so many incoming at certain dates, therefore please reserve ahead of time if you really want the product. Please reach out to info@maisonvogue.com for any lead times on pre-order items.  When placing a pre-order, we will be in touch with the lead times and throughout the waiting period if anything changes.  As soon as the item is in stock at the manufacturer's warehouse, we will be in touch right away to discuss shipping lead times, once shipping has been confirmed your item will then ship out to you once in stock, processed, prepped and ready to find its way into your home.

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