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Geron End Table


The modular concept of this end table delivers a defining element to a space. C-shaped construction features a satin walnut on oak veneer finish that hones in on natural textures, but in a more visual and less tactile way. A black gloss lacquer finishes the table top while its nearly hidden base completes the look with a black wood finish for a contemporary contrast to its mid-century appeal. The Geron is structural, functional art for modern spaces.

Appearance Color: Black, Brown
Appearance Material: Lacquer, Veneer, Walnut
Primary Finish: Satin Walnut
Appearance Finish: Black Gloss, Satin Walnut
Overall Footprint Width:71.12cm
Shelf Clearance Height:20.32cm
Overall Width:71.12cm
Overall Footprint Depth: 22"
Overall Height: 24"
Overall Depth: 22"
Base Height:5.08cm
Table Top Thickness Height:12.7cm

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