Divot Mirror Stainless Steel - Maison Vogue
Divot Mirror Stainless Steel - Maison Vogue

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Divot Mirror Stainless Steel

The Divot Mirror is a cast piece finished in a hand-polished stainless steel. The textural finish is made of carefully inlaid pieces of geometric forms. It's a perfectly imperfect piece of art that is equally as functional as a wall mirror. The rectangular shape simplifies the design, making it a great addition in any room.
This item is made from polished stainless steel and is reflective like a mirror. Color will be determined by its surroundings. Note that the photo was taken in a white space, so color appears light and uniform in this case.
Size 30x1.5x41"h (31x4x44"h packed)
Weight 38 LBS (44 LBS packed)
Material Resin, Stainless Steel
Color Silver


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