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Brass Bird and Cyanite Sculpture I

John Richard

A gorgeous accent that serves as an effective focal point in any home décor, this sculpture showcases textural depth to result in a wealth of visual interest. Crafted from brass and represented in stunning detail, a bird with magnificent tail feathers of cyanite perches atop a base of white marble to result in an opulent color scheme that will greatly elevate an interior space. The Brass Bird and Cyanite Sculpture is also available in an alternate variant, opening up possibilities for a stunning custom arrangement.

8"H X 5.25"W X 2.5"D

Disclaimer: Items made of solid brass may tarnish over time. Many people appreciate this natural patina taken on by the metal. If the item becomes unevenly patinated and you wish to bring it back to its original look, you may use commercially available brass cleaners to bring back the sheen. Care should be taken when using these cleaners not to damage other materials that may be present as part of the item.

Product Information: Marble is a naturally occurring stone mined for its beauty in various regions of the world. The chemical and mineral composition of the marble from the locale it is found, creates the vast array of color and pattern variations seen in this classic decoratQUARTZ, CELESTITE, CALCITE AND OTHER NATURAL STONES AND CRYSTALS are created by nature and variations in shape, color, crystal size and natural fault lines are normal and are part of the natural beauty of the item.

Product Weight: 1.5

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