Meet Artist Millie Sims

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Meet Artist Millie Sims

Maison Vogue would like to introduce artist Millie Sims.  MIllie Sims is a modern abstract artist, utilizing a unique combination of acrylics on canvas to create stunning geometric paintings. Her work is known for its vivid colors and sharp lines, bringing a modern twist to classic abstract art.

Shown Above: 


Millie's artwork puts a modern twist on classic images. From abstract renditions of Audubon prints and Slim Aarons photographs to Lowcountry landscapes and Chinoiserie patterns, each painting she uses her signature sharp-angled style reshaping classic images and making them refreshingly unique. Her paintings bring a modern flair to traditional motifs that are sure to bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to any space. Experience the beautiful blend of traditional and modern art today.


Shown Above: Wonderland by Millie Sims

Millie is an artist with a highly diverse, creative background. She earned her BA in English and Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill, then spent two years in Paris before studying painting privately in Manhattan with professional artists over the next two years. Her experience in the fashion and beauty industries gives her a unique blend of artistic technique and expertise.

Shown Above: Flamboyance by Millie Sims

Millie Sims has an impressive educational background in the creative arts. From painting and fashion marketing to graphic design, ballet, creative writing and geometry, she has the knowledge and skills to create a truly unique and remarkable style. Millie currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Check out Maison Vogue's selection of Millie Sims art here.

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