How To Style Your Home Using Interior Design Trend: Gothic Chic

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Discover the Timeless Elegance of Gothic Style in your Home

Written by: Lyndsay Romeo

Shown Above: Hannie Chandelier

The influence of Gothic style date back to the Middle Ages when architecture was being dominated by religious significance, most obviously when it came to cathedrals, mainly within Europe.  That influence continued onto the architectural design of universities, castles, residences and buildings.
Key factors in characterizing Gothic Style are: Long pointed arched windows, exterior flying buttresses, ribbed vaults, stained glass windows, clustered columns, emphasized ornate decor, and stone tracery.
In the centuries to follow, the romanticism of Gothic designs was reinvented within residential interiors and Gothic revival was born.


What Gothic Style Looks Like Today

When you think of gothic style, you think dark, gruesome, and spooky interiors, with artwork whose eyes follow you through the hallways. It is often a misconceived trend.

Shown Above: Baja Chandelier

Modern day Gothic style is baroque and classic, when this style is executed properly, it can be very charming and welcoming.  

 Gothic Style in Interior Design

Gothic style will implement a lot of dark colors, however that does not mean it will not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye nor welcoming to guests.  

Some of the main features of Gothic Style are:

What are Gothic Style's Interior Colors

The overall mood of the space will be dark, however, it won't be just black on black.  Consider your color palettes, typically you'll want to stick to your cooler colors and in their deepest hues.  These colors being: black, purple, deep blues and sometimes even dark greens.

You can mix these dark hues with neutral shades of white, beiges, creams and light greys.  This create a balanced look throughout your home, especially if you do not want to go dark throughout.

Accent your walls with lush and luxurious wallpaper, choose from patterned, floral and damask wallpapers to really achieve this look. 

Gold and Silver accents throughout your home, through lighting, and decor is a very important element to Gothic Style. 

Gothic Style Used in Modern Day Homes

When styling the modern day home Gothic style, consider timeless pieces that are luxurious but can also be vintage. Sweeping curtains, arch mirrors, sculptures, and lavish chandeliers are often seen within these interiors.

Shown Above: Kotta Thirty-Four-Light Three-Tier Cut-Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Luxurious and vintage furnishings, seating and sofas wrapped with fabrics of velvet and suede.  Credenzas and tables made of warm solid woods .

Mix this style with a contemporary twist, to create a more sustainable space.  What's great about this style is that you can add as much or as little drama and detail you want.

Add details of mixed metals of golds and silvers throughout using decor pieces, luxurious lighting, tassels.  Decorating with Victorian or old portraits and or art pieces throughout, framed in ornate details.  You can also add touches of greenery throughout, such as red roses.

Regardless how you approach this style, you are bound to steal the show!




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